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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Announcements > 4 digit suffixes
11/25/2012 2:56:06 AM
4 Digit Suffixes - ID Your Property/Your Postal Box NumberReply: Cindy Ferry
My understanding is that each parcel/address has it's own four digit identifier. They do not all start with 8 either. Mine starts with a 7. Two of our rentals in the mobile home park start with an 8 and one with a 7. So, I don't know how their whole number system works. They numbers seem to jump around some ... LOL ... kind of like the addresses on any given street out here. I always feel sorry for delivery drivers trying to find a house out here. I always have to ask for the residents name and then I can help them.
11/24/2012 9:31:59 PM
4 digit suffixesReply: ElaineW
Hi Tonette,

The last 4 of your Zip code is used to find your specific house through the sorting done at the postal system. The first 5 of the zip code is for the area (Perris, Lake Mathews, etc.) based on whatever the Post office calls the area. The last 4 of the Zip Code break down which part of the area you are in, the census area, it is broken down by blocks, streets, and then house. It is part of an old system that isn't used much anymore, except for mail sorting. 8836 isn't "Lake Mathews", it is the specific location of your house as broken down per the coding system.

Hope that makes it a bit clearer.
11/23/2012 10:50:46 PM
4 digit suffixesPost: Tonette
Thanks, but I think I was asking specifically if the -8836 suffix means Lake Mathews. I wonder who could answer that?
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