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RAGLM Board > Road Issues > Roadwork Planned For Gavilan Rd. Request For Info.
3/4/2011 12:44:53 PM
Roadwork Planned For Gavilan Rd. Request For Info.Post: Cindy Ferry
This is a copy of the letter I've sent to the Riverside County Land Management Dept., Roads Division.  The poll vote was/is being taken at the Lake Mathews Talks site, but I would also like to see the RAGLM.org site set up a poll as well, in order to reach a larger portion of the plateau residents and others that might wish to speak on the issue of doing work on Gavilan Rd.  Maybe even having the Roads Dept. speak on this very issue at one of the RAGLM monthly community meetings at the fire station.

I am looking for the details on the roadwork to be done on Gavilan Road. The community has talked about the issues of Gavilan Rd. for as long as I've lived here. Many want the work done. There are some concerns with doing this and so we want to know how the county plans to work on Gavilan Rd. Just what is the job to entail? Are the right of way side street being done as well? It is these very right of way side street areas that lead to the undermining of Gavilan Rd. itself. The pot holes in those right of way street areas just allow the running water, which is basically 24/7 to undermine Gavilan and more of the right of way areas themselves. If we don't fix the right of way area we will only be wasting the money on the work done on Gavilan itself, which is in great need of work. But, it is the right of way that is in even greater need and the two areas go hand in hand.
The damage to the right of way area has allowed water to run off onto Gavilan Rd. and created pot holes then on Gavilan, like you see in the right of way areas that are paved to the side streets. We don't want to see the little money the county has to work with be wasted if the right of way is not properly addressed and made part of the plan of working on Gavilan Road as a whole. The poll put out to the community is showing that the majority want all of Gavilan Road, including the right of way redone.
The right of way is so bad that drivers cannot just turn onto Gavilan Rd. or off of Gavilan Rd. without slowing down to almost a stop, in order to prevent damage to their cars from the pot holes within the right of way area of Gavilan Rd. This slowing of traffic adds a much greater risk of accidents on Gavilan Rd. The water run-off flowing into the pot holes within the right of way then flow out onto Gavilan, undermining it as has the right of way itself. Drivers cannot see the pot holes, because the roadway is always wet and the holes are therefore full of water and drivers cannot judge the depth of the pot hole, especially those that do not live in this area. These pot holes have been know to take out shocks and tires. People not living in the area don't realize how much they must slow down when turning off of Gavilan Rd. onto one of the side streets and they are the ones most at risk of vehicle damage and causing an accident as they then hit their brakes, leaving little time for the drivers behind them on Gavilan to respond and take evasive action, which is generally to drive into the on coming traffic lane. This is a narrow, winding roadway which adds further risk to this area.
So, the county has the majority of the residents, as the poll now stands, supporting the work on Gavilan Rd. but we would like to see the plans and just what all is going to be done here. Can someone from the county please get that information to me so that I can put it out over the community list sites?
Thank you for your time,
Cindy Ferry
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