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RAGLM Board > General Discussion > Lake Mathews Farmers Forced To Use Recycled Water-Reg. Water Cut-Off
11/3/2011 10:14:48 AM
Lake Mathews Farmers Forced To Use Recycled Water-Reg. Water Cut-OffPost: Cindy Ferry
Let me start off my post with this statement ... I FULLY support recycled water use and study. Since population growth is pushed off to the back burner, the figuring out of how to have enough natural resources for everyone now and the future population growth is a must. That said, I had some issues with this topic of the duties of our Board of Supervisors, who is in charge of oversight of recycled water and if the farmers were really heard or properly informed of ALL the issues related to this subject so that they were making a well informed choice.
This article came out on Oct. 31. This item, brought to the floor by our Supervisor, Supervisor Bob Buster, First District, went before our County Board of Supervisors on Tues. Nov. 1. It was denied four to one (4 - 1), our Supervisor Buster being the one vote to have the Board of Supervisors oversee the quality of this program to use recycled water on agriculture lands .... OUR FOOD SOURCE. Please read the article and then go to the link below to take you to the County Board of Supervisor Hearing held on Tues. It is agenda item 3.42. It the link takes to the Board of Supervisors site, please click on the "Video on Demand" link (in red, upper right). Once at the counties meeting on video site, click on the 11/1/2011, 4 hr 41 min. link to that part of that mornings hearings.

Riverside County to discuss irrigating citrus with recycled water

Link to the Board of Supervisors live video of their hearings ... Tues. Nov. 1, 2011.
I was thankful that it was OUR SUPERVISOR that brought this to the floor and I do intend to contact him on this issue to see what we can do to bring this back to the floor. If the farmland is destroyed by chemicals, we will not be able to get it back. Some have now been limited to only being able to grow grass on their farmlands. Does this not make you question the need to have our appointed Supervisors oversee issues that pertain to our health? Does the runoff of this water effect what we grow on our own land? I think the water agencies are looking out for their own interests and this is a little like leaving the fox in charge of the hen house. I support recycled water, but now with a blindfold on. The state told the concerned farmers, that will have their current water source cut-off and capped to go to their Board of Supervisors, that it was their duty to address this issue. But, four of the five Supervisors turned their backs on OUR farmers and thereby on US. At the very least, if a farmer doesn't want to use this recycled water, that the water companies and agencies agree does have some high levels of harmful (at those levels) chemicals, the farmer should be allowed to stay on the current source of water they are on. Allow the farmers that wish to use recycled water to do so. Let them become the study program areas and allow us to compare and see just how well this effort to meet water needs and to still supply food works out.
As always, I will copy to you my letters to county agencies and staffers and those at the water companies and agencies.
Cindy Ferry
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