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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Animals/Pet Care > Excessive Heat Warning for 24 August Week!
8/23/2010 9:09:43 PM
Excessive Heat Warning for 24 August Week!Post: Willow
Watch animals!  Make sure horses have shade and plenty of water.  Give chickens lots of water and maybe a fan in the coop or there may be several deaths from the heat this week.  It is predicted to even break previous records.

Dogs should come in with the family or at least have a kiddie swim pool to wade in.  Again, plenty of water to drink.

And call folks you know who are elderly or shut in, just to let them know you are thinking of them and  they can call you if they get in trouble.  It's a good idea to check on them more than once.  Maybe invite them over.  This is a killing heat we are going through.  We need to pull together as a community and protect our animals and our neighbors for the next couple of days.

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