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RAGLM Board > General Discussion > New Government Regulations (admittedly will not work) Twilight Zone!
1/13/2011 1:21:39 PM
New Government Regulations (admittedly will not work) Twilight Zone!Post: Nathan
Just thought you all might want to see this. Rep. Peter King, yes the one who wants to give Eric Holder absolute power and take away our right to a trial. Watch his 2min. interview this morning on FOX.

He first states that this is to protect YOU so remember that.

He then agrees that his proposed law will not stop crazy gunmen.

He states that it will give police extra power as they can spot signs of sketchy behavior.

Hope you did not miss it, he said it could be simple REGULATIONS. (remember regulations come from our regulatory czar Cass Sunstien who wrote the book 'Nudge' how to get people to do things they normally would not by simply presenting things differently.) 

Also, regulations get implemented without the 3 branches of government as they are simply regulations not law.

There where no police at the Arizona shooting Event.

Police presence costs us more.

He then states that Police presence would not solve the problem because they can not do anything about someone carrying a gun.

So which is it, police get more power so they can stop this in the future or that police could not do anything anyway. Remember he agreed that it would not stop crazies from bringing guns anyway. I guess I am confused as I am just a little minded human.

So he wants to give police and the feds more power that really does not help this situation anyway. WOW, sounds good to me. Really?????????

The Interview

I must have just crossed over to the Twilight Zone.
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