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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Announcements > Fire Tax Update
1/22/2016 3:07:59 PM
Fire Tax Update - THANK YOU!Reply: Gayle Geer
Outstanding work, people!  Thank you!
1/22/2016 2:27:01 PM
fire taxReply: Tonette
1/22/2016 2:01:25 PM
Fire Tax UpdatePost: ElaineW

The judge has granted our Motion regarding Class Notice!

We now have the judge’s approval of the Class Notice’s contents and the ways it will be publicized.  This is an important step in the class action because, once notice is given and the time has passed for people to opt out, everyone who has not opted out will be a plaintiff in our lawsuit and therefore entitled to a refund if we win.  We will begin this official notification process next week, so you can expect to be hearing from us again very soon!

Click here to read the judge’s ruling that granted our motion.

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