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RAGLM Board > Proposed Development > Victoria Grove/Impacts On Rural Living-Nice or Not
2/7/2011 10:08:02 AM
Victoria Grove/Impacts On Rural Living-Nice or NotPost: Cindy Ferry
This link gives a good talk on Victoria Grove.  Sounds like a great place.  I'd agree that it is a very well kept little community.  But, we can also see how these projects negativily impact rural communities.  Lots smaller than 1/2 ac. do not allow for animal keeping.  This means to can and do have a negative impact on the rural communities to keep their rural way of life.  We saw this happen with much of Woodcrest.  As the big developers moved in, bought up the large lots, pushed their plans through the county planning dept. and started mass home building, the old days of Woodcrest have diminished greatly.  So many of my friends in Woodcrest just finally threw up their arms and gave up trying to stop the developer impacts.  Those of us that have lived out here for 20 years or more need only remember back to the days gone by.
This is what RAGLM is about!  This is what RAGLM works hard to keep all of us/you informed on.  These are community volunteers that give freely (no pay, no kick backs, no nothing) to make sure all of us stay informed of building projects, tell you of changes made to plans from what we were shown and told would be.  They attend hearings at numerous levels ... Planning Dir. hearings, Planninig Commission Hearings, Board of Supervisor hearings, General Plan Advisory Committee hearings and so on.  Community residents have gotten onto and tried to get on to county appointed committees to help protect the rural way of life of this area.  Pretty and clean are nice, but that's just one part of what we want out here.  Many/Most of us moved here for a rural way of life and work hard to keep what we moved here for.
The NEW "REVISED" General Plan is coming up for Public Review (your review and comments), so please stay in touch, stay informed and be heard.  Vote!  It's IMPORTANT that you do so.  It is the communities with the highest voting populous that gets the counties attention.  Let's make sure that is our area of Riverside County.  Places like Victoria Grove suit the lifestyle of many.  They are nice communities.  But, they are NOT "RURAL" and are not what we moved out here for.  Just look at the new General Plan the county is getting ready to sign into effect and look at all the "Rural Commercial" that will be coming in.  Why?  To service all this smaller home development brought into the rural communities edges.
I know some will say I'm bashing Victoria Grove!  I'm not.  I'm just saying that these types of homes do not fit into a rural community.  Some will say that the Victoria Grove area isn't "rural" and I can only say ... IT USED TO BE!  When us long time residents moved here, it was beautiful, sweet smelling orange groves all the way down to Victoria Ave.  Why do you think Victoria Ave. in a historic site?  Because is was the industry that started Riverside off ... Orange Groves.  It was what Riverside was, an agricultural county with rural living and we loved it and still do.  I really miss the smell of orange blossoms in the spring time!!!  Don't you?
Cindy Ferry
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