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RAGLM Board > General Discussion > I AM Begging You - Please, Just Hear This/Watch This Movie
9/29/2011 1:34:25 PM
I AM Begging You - Please, Just Hear This/Watch This MoviePost: Cindy Ferry
Please, if you don't believe, don't care, aren't interested, PLEASE, just give up an hour and a half of your free time to watch this. I found it was right here on my computer to watch for free.

I watched this and question after question came popping into my head, Could it be that ... is linker or related to this issue, could it be that these people that are getting sick and dying from what we are told is e-coli getting into farmlands and or animals actually the fact that it was implanted into the food and or animals?

Are you sick? Do you have a sick child? Do you have an illness? Do you have a disease? Could it be linked to this??? When we hear how much worse the health of the populous is now, I have to wonder if it's all linked. I want to see the graph that puts the rise of illness and disease next to the start of all this and see if they match up. I want to know if our government health departments are looking to this and the e-coli outbreaks in this county to see if they are linked. Are the lawsuits be filed against the wrong people/wrong companies?

Get yourself a drink ... something healthy and something you know where it came from, put your feet up and watch this ... PLEASE.
Cindy Ferry
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