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RAGLM Board > General Discussion > Bye Bye Guns
6/4/2013 10:19:32 AM
Exit TaxReply: Nathan
Better do it before the exit tax gets implemented. Silly little us.

6/4/2013 10:16:43 AM
ApologyReply: BillB
I apologize for the strange positioning of words in my last post. Apparently cut-and-paste doesn't work so well and makeswierdreading.

I want to thank Nathan for publishing the piece even though it ran over the allotted word count.
6/4/2013 10:00:01 AM
CaliforniaReply: Linda
I agree with all this I am sure alot of people will be leaving communist California.
6/4/2013 9:13:40 AM
The Nonsense State of CaliforniaReply: BillB
Nathan, as you know I write a column that is carried in several newspapers. One of my recent colmns addressed this very issue. Here is the text of the column:

The Nonsense State of California

By: Bill Babbitt

If anyone doubts that Democrats are knee-jerk reactionaries,they need only look at California for assurances. Our Democrat super-majoritypassed no fewer than ten Senate bills and five Assembly bills to chip awaymajor portions of the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. Doesanyone doubt that the head Democrat, Gerry Brown will sign these into law? Ifyou voted for these people, shame on you.

Not one of these bills will make even the slightestdifference in gun related crime. On the contrary, these bills will makecriminals of those already legally in possession of weapons intended forself-protection, home protection, hunting, and sport shooting.

There is not a single bill related to curbing the violenttendencies of those with the mindset to create carnage. Recently in England --a country with incredible gun control -- a Muslim radical hacked to death adecorated soldier in the streets of London and proudly made a video of it.There was not a gun in sight, only kitchen knives, and a meat cleaver.

On April 11, Dylan Quick allegedly stabbed more than adozen people at a Houston-area college. He told investigators that he hadfantasized about cannibalism and necrophilia and about cutting off people’sfaces and wearing them as masks, according to a court document made public.Quick also told an investigator that he had researched mass stabbings on hishome computer about a week before the attack at Lone Star College in Cypress,Texas, according to a search warrant affidavit. Again, there were no guns usedin this attack.

If you bother to Google “Knife Attacks”, you will come upwith page, upon page of hits for reported carnage perpetrated by people who canonly be described as criminally insane. Yet their weapon of choice was not afirearm, it was a knife. You can find similar results for just about any otherpotential weapon, from baseball bats to golf clubs to hammers.

Are these attacks less heinous than those involvingfirearms? No, they are just not sensational enough to be as widely reported.Democrats, always hungry for anything to control, seem to inevitably glom ontosensational news reports with instant legislation, often without muchforethought other than to make a name for themselves as being concerned. Theyseldom seem to take into account the overwhelming mass of people who wouldnever even think of committing a crime or act of aggression with any type ofweapon.

With fifteen anti-gun bills on the Governor’s desk, it isobvious that this is not about public safety. It is about legislators making aname within their party for creating legislation – any kind of legislation –related to a sensational news event. Will this legislation prevent or evenhinder criminal action? Not very likely. Is this even well thought outlegislation? Definitely not! Not a single piece of this legislation addressesthe mental state of a person likely to commit a grievous act of violence. Doesany of this legislation provide additional security at venues where a mentallyderanged shooter might visit? No on that account too.

What these fifteen pieces of thoughtless legislation will dois make instant criminals of those of us who now own firearms or gun componentsnamed in the bills. There are no provisions for “Grandfathering”. You caneither turn in your possessions without compensation or risk going to jail. Ofcourse, before our Democrat Governor signs the bills into law, you can alwaysfind a “gun buy-back location” and get a chit for something at the supermarket.Maybe you could use it to buy a six-pack of beer to ease the pain of trashing aweapon you paid hundreds for.

To those who voted for this super-majority, don’t complainwhen they do to you rather than for you. You voted for them; now reap what you havesown. As for me, I will be looking for property in a state where reasonprevails. 


6/3/2013 4:05:29 PM
Bye Bye GunsPost: Nathan

Here's just a sample of the anti-gun bills CA State Senate passed this past week:

*** SB-53 requires you to get a permit, a background check, and pay a fee JUST to buy a box of ammunition!

*** SB-396 bans magazines that hold over 10 rounds and makes YOU a criminal if you don't either throw them away or ship them out of state by July 1, 2014. NO grandfathering of magazines you already own.

*** SB-374 prohibits sale, purchase, transfer, manufacture, or importation of ALL semi-automatic rifles that can use a detachable magazine.

*** SB-755 is a private sales ban and forced gun registration scam that would also suspend your right to own ANY firearm for a decade for possessing just a SINGLE bullet in your pocket on school grounds, prohibit you from transferring a firearm to even a family member without government approval, and strip you of your Second Amendment rights for hazing.

That's right. They'd even deny your Second Amendment rights for something as poorly defined as "HAZING."

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