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RAGLM Board > Road Issues > Calls From The County/Gavilan Rd. Work & Water Run-off Issues
3/9/2011 10:41:30 AM
Calls From The County/Gavilan Rd. Work & Water Run-off IssuesPost: Cindy Ferry
Okay, I told you I would keep you all abreast on the issue of Gavilan Rd and the water run-off issues. I have received two phone calls from the county in regard to the concerns voiced by the community. My thanks to the county for responding to the community. The county is looking into the water issues, as they say there does seem to be an issue of both gray-water and spring water to address. They say they are sending staff out to check it out and addressing it in the plans. They are looking into the issue of the water from the natural springs and how best to deal with it. Supervisor Buster's office is aware of the concerns and are trying to address call the concerns voiced by residents. They themselves have reports from county staff on the problem of on going pot hole repairs to Gavilan Rd. and how little time the repairs hold up for. Supervisors Busters staff has been asked to address the issues and have contacted the appropriate depts. and they will/are working on the issues and will be getting back to us. I'll keep you posted on anything I get from them and I hope all of you will also post any info. you may bet.
Once again, I would personally like to thank the county staffers that have responded to our community and my thanks to Supervisor Buster for hearing the call of his constituents.
Please note that as pointed out on this site and others, this issue deals with Gavilan Rd. and Gavilan Rd. alone, as that is a county road. For the issues of the run-down condition of the roadways within the mobile home park itself, we may have to deal with other county departments to address those issues. They do directly impact Gavilan Rd. and therefore should be looked at and addressed when planning the roadwork on Gavilan and the right-of-way on Gavilan needs to be properly addressed in this scope of work. If you like, we can look at the different county or state agencies that might be able to help with getting the roads within the mobile home itself repaired. I'm still taking e-mails and phone calls on this issue and I'm happy to speak with anyone on this issue as well.
Cindy Ferry
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