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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > General Discussion > Meeting Places for Local Groups
1/6/2013 11:34:38 AM
Meeting roomReply: Lisa
I didn't mean to assume anything, I'm not sure the restaurants that were mentioned even hold 100. Good luck. What about the Citrus Park, that would be appropriate, don't know if they have a room big enough either. Santa Rosa Ranchos might work for you when the weather is nice but you'd be sitting on bleachers.
1/6/2013 9:57:44 AM
Community Meeting RoomReply: Michael D
My original inquiry for a meeting space failed to mention that the need may be for a space to accomodate up to 100 people. Of course, anyone might think that the California Native Plant Society may only need space for 15 people, but you may be surprised of the interest out there....:) 
1/5/2013 4:30:13 PM
Meeting Room RequirementsReply: Nathan
        Are you aware of what the requirements/cost might be? Many groups have asked the same question in the past as where to meet. It would be a great place and close. Thanks for any insight, I will post about the community room by the fire station too as soon as I know anything specific.
1/5/2013 4:05:31 PM
Santa Rosa RanchosReply: Lisa
This might be a good option for Michael's original question. Small building holds 15 comfortably.
1/5/2013 2:17:43 PM
Meeting Places - Lisa and SandyReply: Hugh
The idea of an occasional 'pot luck' seems like a good idea for neighbors to gather and share. I agree totally with the idea of working with Santa Rosa Ranchos. A great venue that we all should support. However, few people are going to 'casually' walk over. It's only just down the street for a select few.

As far as the development next to the Lake Mathews store is concerned I don't see it as our position to dictate to a property owner and developer what he/she should or should not build. It's none of our business. I would certainly welcome the gas station though. Will also be interesting to see what his concept of fast food is. Oh course, that's if any of it happens in the near future.
1/5/2013 11:53:22 AM
Fast foodReply: Lisa
Unfortunately fast food places are "anchor" tenants paying large amounts in rent. Much more than a small diner would be able to afford. To the demise of people's health as always money talks................
As far as a community center I think Hugh is right no one has time to hang out like we used to. A community potluck one in a while would be a welcome addition since I cook everynight because it is just too much trouble to go "down the hill" to eat. Santa Rosa Ranchos has the equestrian center that I believe they are looking to utilize more, might be an economical choice, they have bathrooms and a small meeting room.  
1/5/2013 11:04:47 AM
Community CenterReply: Sandy
A few years ago, The RAGLM Board met with the builder of the potential gas station/store/fast food place that is planned on Cajalco next to Lake Mathews Market.  We tried to convince him to put in a little restaurant rather than a fast food place with this purpose in mind.  This 'diner' could be a place for locals to gather, hold meetings and enjoy a meal.  Unfortunately, he was 'hell bent' on a fast food restaurant.  Although we haven't seen him start building yet, I know it will be coming sooner than later!
1/5/2013 10:41:10 AM
Community CenterReply: Hugh
The Lake Mathews, Gavlin Hills and Gavlin Sorings areas are not like Ashland, Or (not to say there aren't properties that aren't elbow to elbow) or Moreno Valley etc. We don't have the "track home" jungle concept. It's spread way, way out. You don't just walk down the corner to the Community Center. You'ed need to drive or take a very, very long hike. In my experience I've never seen kids "on the streets" doing the drug thing in these areas (the trailer park might be an exception). In the 17+ years my wife and I have lived here (Lake Mathews) we've never once had a trick-or-treat'er - it's too spread out to be of any good to them. The only kids I see are occasional ones on their dirt bikes heading off to ride somewhere up in the hills. Here, in our wonderful area, if a kid wants to go see his classmate Joey, he hops on his bike and rides for ten minutes. 

For me personally, I don't need to drive 3 or 4 miles to a community center to have coffee. Besides, I roast my own coffee and it's a whole lot better than anyone else is drinking.

I'd be very surprised, given the current economy created by our president, that there are many residents that can take the time to just hang out, drink coffee and eat - most, if not almost all are out trying to earn a living to make ends meet. They come home from work, beat from a very long day and in many cases a very long drive. Then, they dig deep, make dinner for the family and hope to have some decent time with their kids and a moment with each other if they are lucky.

I don't see a community center in the picture. At least not the way things are now. 

Thanks for hearing me out.
1/4/2013 11:17:25 AM
We Need to Establish our own Local Community Center ~Reply: Willow
Does anyone else agree that it would be a good plan to start our own local community center?  One that would be more active and become a central gathering place for adults and youth that is close up the hill here and easy to access?  We used to  have a place like that in Ashland, Oregon, where I raised my kids.  People would straggle in first thing in the morning to have coffee together around the old pot belly stove.  There were assorted groceries that could be purchased.  We sold sandwiches and sometimes lasagna or something for lunch.  Locals would entertain there at dinner for tips.  People would bring in their pies and foods to sell (I know, food probably not possible like that now with the legalities :(  )  But it was a "gathering place" where people came all the time all day long and just shared food and conversation.  The kids were always there and not out on the streets involved in drugs or unseemly activities.  People would drift in and read stories or the kids would put on skits.  Why couldn't we work on getting something like that up here in our own community?
1/3/2013 9:17:48 PM
Have you checked out Mead Library?Reply: Gayle Geer
I think you can use their facility, but not sure.
1/3/2013 5:05:45 PM
Meeting Places for Local GroupsReply: Nathan
        This is a good question. There would be two places locally where you can hold meetings for free or for a low cost. One would be Denny's on Van Buren, GLMRTA used to meet there. The other would be Kountry Folks restaurant on La Sierra, however I think you must garuntee a $200 food bill to get the private room. As for the Community Center, I will have to get back to you on that as we are not 100% sure since we now have a new supervisor what exactly the terms are for public groups. Give me a day or two and I will get back to you on this one, hope this helps.
1/3/2013 4:15:07 PM
Meeting Places for Local GroupsPost: Michael D
Does any one know of free or low-cost meeting spaces in the evenings where non-profit groups can gather for public information presentations? I am looking for a place that the California Native Plant Society can use once per month for their meetings. What are the terms for the use of the meeting room that RAGLM uses at the Water District?
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