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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Proposed Development > Manufactured Home Construction in Lake Mathews Estates
5/27/2014 11:42:07 AM
One other thought regarding building vs. modular/mobileReply: Laurie
We live in a high fire danger area here.  In 2004, the Cerritos fire which burned actually came over Monument Peak and into the western end of the Estates area on the second day, threatening homes there (this in addition to threatening many homes in surrounding areas).

Thankfully our firefighters are among the best. 

But something to think consider:  you can do so much more to make a built home wildfire resistant and better able to survive a wildfire.  Materials in modulars/mobiles in general, tend to be much more flamable and quicker to burn.  In fact, the one home lost (in addition to outbuildings, of course) in that particular wildfire, was a modular/mobile.

Be sure to check with your homeowners insurance as well, to make sure that they would cover a modular/mobile home in our fire zone.

5/27/2014 10:52:18 AM
Manufactured Home ConstructionReply: Michelle Randall
Well Chad, you have a ton of good advice and a little bit of misconception here.  I live in a small home in Dawson Canyon. In 1970, my husband and I had the modular/built home discussion and we decided to build for one simple reason, built homes appreciate and modular homes depreciate.  Now, many years later, when I look at the modular homes down the canyon that were so appealing to me then (they were sooo much quicker to get into and sooo much quicker to disintegrate) I'm happy that we built.
Nothing holds its style and value like a house, and nothing goes out of style like a modular. Both of them require the same maintenance. Be a little careful with the advice that you can live in a trailer or motorhome.  Check with Code on that ;) Saying that living in Perris instead of Yorba Linda should allow you to be an eyesore to your neighbors shouldn't fly in any neighborhood. It's an insulting stereotype of people in Perris. Michelle Randall
5/27/2014 9:37:30 AM
Just a commentReply: J.Mernick
I strongly considered putting in a manufactured home as a guest house on my Lake Mathews property.  And for many, many, many reasons did not.  

However, you can purchase homes that much of the walls and many other items are built offsite.  

If you are going to build, stick built is the way to go in my opinion in this area.    
5/27/2014 8:38:09 AM
Lake Mathews EstatesReply: Laurie
In the CC&Rs within the Estates, there is/was a minimum square footage requirement on the building, for building.

I know that a couple of years back there was a move from residents to reinstate the HOA, and revise and reinstate the CC&Rs;  that included an increase in that square footage in an effort to upgrade the homes and values in the area.  I am not certain whether or not that was ever finalized, but you will want to check it out at least at the county planning department level, as it is possible that it may possibly affect what you have in mind.

I have a copy of the original CC&Rs filed away, although my understanding is that they varied a little for different areas within the Estates.  Another quick note; while horses are/were allowed, certain other livestock isn't/wasn't.
5/26/2014 7:31:46 PM
Manufactured Home Construction in Lake Mathews EstatesReply: cinder465
Where are you buying in the Estates? Be careful..there are some lots for sale that I have heard have quite a bit of illegal grading and they are trying to pass off as legal. Just do your due diligence in research! There are also a couple that have liquifaction that have gone through several owners as they will NEVER be buildable and they don't find out until after purchase. 
I agree with Kepster..why would you put modular vs new construction with cost being negligable compared to return? Good luck and will be glad to have you as a neighbor!
5/26/2014 7:21:56 PM
Mobil homeReply: Bob
You can absolutely put a Mobil home. Along with kennels & whatever else you want. There are people up here that purchase property & live in their 5th wheel ,motor home etc. It's just an extension of Mead Valley rite down the road. It's Perris not Yorba Linda
5/26/2014 11:21:59 AM
Allowed, but why would you?Reply: KepSter
As far as I know, I believe you can put up a modular home here, but from a practical point of view, why would you do that?  It will cost you $15K for a water meter hook-up, $7K for electrical connection, you will pay $3.45 per square foot of the dwelling to the CNUSD, DIF (Developer Impact Fee's), and more.  I know a guy that put up a modular and he paid very close to what I did to construct my home, but my home is worth way more than his.  I had a general contractor friend of mine tell me that some day, someone will replace his modular for a constructed home because they will be able to make more money off of that transaction.
I do know that on Elderridge area (Crown Point), there is a minimum requirement of a 2000 square foot dwelling.

5/26/2014 9:51:29 AM
Manufactured Home ConstructionReply: Nathan
        I am not 100% sure of the zoning of this off the top of my head. Hopefully someone else up here may know and can answer for you. You can contact the planning dept. directly and they will have an answer for you. I hope this helps.

Riverside County Planning
5/24/2014 1:28:02 PM
Manufactured Home Construction in Lake Mathews EstatesPost: Chad
I'm hoping someone might have an answer to my question. My wife and I are interested in purchasing property in the Lake Mathews Estates area and placing a new manufactured home on a permanent foundation. Does anyone know of any local ordinances preventing such development? Thanks for your help!
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