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RAGLM Board > General Discussion > Drought? What a Joke...
11/11/2015 3:40:27 PM
Water down sidewalkReply: Nathan
I just had to add as it is very frustrating that I drove by Citrus High again this morning and for the 2 and a half hours I was out they had water running down the sidewalk again. This all while on Van Buren the water district has a sign saying not to water this week as it rained. Also right in front of the school a water wise banned saying to reduce by 50%. Just had to share. Silly me.
11/5/2015 8:16:37 AM
The Man-Made DroughtReply: Hugh
I've been on this phony drought soapbox for a couple years. Certainly we've had less rain the last few years but that isn't what has created the "Phony Drought" scare. There are two sources of the problem: One is the environmentalists groups and two the California Legislature as they work in collaboration to meet their agenda.

Diversion of water from it's intended sources (farmers etc.) is the main culprit. Environmentalists have been able to 'steal' California's water to save 10 water lizzards (a characterization) with the support of liberals like Governor Jerry Brown and others in Sacramento.

If there were a 'real' drought all the vegetation along the freeways would be dead. All the High School and College football fields would dry and brown. All the parks green areas would we wilted and dying. All the swimming pools in public parks would be empty.

There's only one solution -
NOTICE: If you have politicophobia stop reading NOWThat solution is to change the 'landscape' (pun intended) in Sacramento and return California to a level of sanity. We can't survive another 30 years of this type of politics.

11/4/2015 6:21:00 PM
Drought? What a Joke...Post: Nathan
Just had to share. I have been saying it all along. There is no drought or they would actually do something about it. I drive by Citrus Hill High School twice a week and their water is running down the sidewalks into the drains. So bad the sidewalks are stained with algae. Again this morning running down the drains even though you and I will be fined if we water within 48 hours of rain. Maybe they did not notice the puddles of water around their parking lots.

Click to view image. This is every single day (different days every week) when I pass at about 8:15 until I come back around 11:30.

I am not disputing we have had less rainfall in the last 4 years than most years but you need to look at the numbers over the long term and not just on a monthly basis. Also need to see what is being done with it.

You can keep asking why more development when we have no water. The simple answer Tax Revenue. You will always be a pawn and the kings will always treat you as such. Some amazing stats to say the least in the article below and the water district today has talked about making sure that the P.E. issues a statement that this guy was just joking. Now Gov. Brown wants to make the water restrictions permanent. We conserved 28% from 2010 - 2013. Then they said we must conserve another 32%. We only made it to another 28%. So over all we have conserved 56% from regular use.

HMM I wonder why they do not want us to have the water we need to survive. All those stats I sighted back in 2010 were true and it only comes out over time. Just had to share.

Read this article before it is gone as I am sure it will disappear next week sometime when the new article comes out. I saved it for future viewing when that happens. 'Why a UCR economist says there is no drought' You will be shocked to see where your water really goes.
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