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RAGLM Board > National Politics > OUR CONFEDERATE FLAG
7/20/2015 9:19:30 AM
Personal Opinion & PoliticsReply: Hugh
To me, politics is about personal opinion. To keep it out is like hiding behind the tree in a 'hide-'n-seek' game. My opinions regarding politics has been and most likely will be forever displayed head-on. 

I don't see how someone can take a position on a certain issue without addresing their personal opinion. Like, you don't support abortion but will not voice your 'personal' opinion. What good it that?

Local and National politics affect our lives more than anything. Yet, there are so many that 'hide-behind-the-bushes' and avoid addressing the most important issues that control tomorrow. 

I believe the Local Politics and National Politics 'comment' sections should be the ones most visited, most commented upon and most supported.

I love dogs, have seven, love cats, have four, love horses have three (have had as many as 12). Nothing more defines what I can and can't do than politics. Come on down to the 'bottom' of the forum list (which should be at the top) and get our, you're America back where it belongs.

7/19/2015 9:29:04 AM
Erasing History is DangerousReply: Nathan
I will try to keep my personal opinions out of this one except for the fact that any eradication of History is a very scary thing. History is scarcely pretty but it is History and as stated many times before,

Those that do not know their history are destined to repeat it.

That is what I fear most whether the flag represents slavery or simply reminds some that it existed. If we forget it ever happened, what will stop it from happening again? Very scary times and sad when our Government continually tries to remove pieces of the 'struggle' good or bad to get where we are today.

You do not have to like the truth of something to have the ability to learn from it.
7/11/2015 6:05:00 PM
Confederate flagReply: BillB
Hugh, the vast majority of Confederate soldiers were not fighting for slavery. They never even owned a slave. They were fighting for their land, state or farm. John Calhoun promoted secession in Couth Carolina when the US Government refused to recognize that state's rights. When Virginia followed South Carolina in secession, the head of West Point, Robert E. Lee, had the choice to either take over the North's Army or return to his home state of Virginia. He chose Virginia, not because he was a believer in slavery, rather because he believed his allegiance belonged to Virgina.

The irony of the flag brouhaha is that it is a battle flag -- no different than Custer's 7th Cav flag. It is not the flag of the Confederacy.

7/11/2015 9:25:37 AM
The Confederate Flag holds with it a major time in America's heritage. To condemn it like so many have is despicable.  Over a five year period six hundred, twenty thousand (620,000) American soldiers lost their lives fighting for what they believed in. That's only about 20,000 less than all the lives lost in the last 125 years of American wars and conflicts. 

In my old, feeble mind (I'm 71) those attacking the Confederate Flag and removing it are attacking me and my America. 

It's interesting to note that over the last two years since this Forum was created it's had 1000's of readers. But sadly, only about 12 RAGLM members took the time to respond and comment. That folks, in my mind,  is part of America's problem. No one cares anymore.
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