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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > General Discussion > Where Is RAGLM Headed/Community Voice Or Not?
1/17/2013 1:57:02 PM
RAGLM Direction ResponseReply: Nathan
Please allow me to try and objectively address your concerns. I was approached by a member of our community last night about being able to address the community with issues. Unfortunately this person made me aware that they wanted to address the community after the meeting had resolved. I personally have been with RAGLM for about two and a half years now and have attended every meeting except maybe one or two of them. I have never once seen the floor opened to the community for public comments not on the agenda. This includes the time when you yourself were still on the board so I am unsure where this is coming from. So please forgive us on that one as we have been currently conducting the meetings as we always have in the past. If a resident has something they wish to share with the community, we welcome them to bring it to the board prior to the meeting to make sure it fits our predetermined time schedule.

As for the forum and censorship, I believe your claims are simply unfounded. RAGLM.org has a set of posting guidelines. I am aware that most simply ignore the guidelines as they are pretty self explanatory and go without saying. They have always been a part of the site since inception and have always been implemented as such. Here is the link to them so all may refresh their familiarity with the guidelines before they post and can not figure out why their post may not have gone through. The RAGLM.org website was created to bring information to the community and to gather feedback from the community on the issues. This site was never designed to insight or to berate others directly. When this site was created, the RAGLM board listened to the community about not turning the site into a gossip site or a place where some may scold others. We have listened to our community and we believe our numbers of new members clearly show we are on the right track however you do have the right to disagree. If people want to rant or attack others, there are many sites out there as well as many online tools to do that already, RAGLM.org is not that type of forum.

Unfortunately RAGLM has not received any phone calls from anyone despite it's publicly displayed phone number about their voices not being heard. We welcome all comments and concerns and have a public phone number and website for the purpose of input from our community. We can not make decisions based on one residents discontent with the way things run, we need to think of everyone in the community as all of us are just as important as the next even if our voices may not be as loud as others.

RAGLM has not, nor will not censor any calm voice from the community, however RAGLM will not stand for personal attacks or attempts to smear issues with indirect facts about issues it brings to the community.

Please know that we always welcome opinions or point of views whether we agree with them or not as long as they are articulated in a calm and non degrading manner. I hope this helps alleviate some of your current frustrations with RAGLM.

RAGLM has received your excessively numerous berating posts on other individuals as well as your smearing of issues and has elected to not post them as they do not follow the RAGLM.org guidelines. This is not a forum for this type of behavior, and your numerous posts did not follow the guidelines which has left us no alternative but to decline to post them.

As per our posting guidelines, if you continue to berate others and their opinions, you will leave us no choice but to ban you from this site. To curb the further attacks or heated exchanges on this issue, this post will now be closed.
1/17/2013 12:55:14 PM
Last Night's MeetingReply: Sandy

I have been on the RAGLM Board for approximately 6 years and attended many RAGLM General meetings.  In the past, the Board members would open the meeting and give ‘brief’ reports.  Then the Sheriff’ would give a report and Code Enforcement would give us an update.  As for last night’s meeting, Lt. Bennett has been attending ALL of our meetings and this was the first one he has missed! Code Enforcement told us over two years ago that they no longer had the budget for their officers to attend our meetings and stopped coming.   They do come once or twice a year if invited to be our main speaker as does Animal Control.

I do not ever remember residents being able to just stand up and talk about anything that was on their mind at these General meetings without prior notice to the Board.  Residents can and have in the past brought literature, petitions and other information to our meetings to share and set them out on the table next to the sign-in sheet. The residents are able to ask questions of the speaker and have open discussions on that subject.

1/17/2013 11:31:52 AM
Voice of what communityReply: BillB
Hugh, hear, hear! My posts almost never get through the censors.
1/17/2013 9:37:46 AM
RAGLM - Voice of the Community?Reply: Hugh
Well put. Hits nail squarely on the head. Amazed it was posted. Don't  hold your breath waiting for board members response.  
1/16/2013 10:27:43 PM
Where Is RAGLM Headed/Community Voice Or Not?Post: Cindy Ferry
Okay, I had planned to attend the RAGLM meeting tonight, as county taxes was the speaker of the night. I did not get to attend. Well, since the end of the meeting I have received two phone calls wanting to know what is going on with RAGLM. Both calls had to do with the way RAGLM used to be run and the way it is being run now. Both had to do with the agenda RAGLM now seems to be using and the feeling they have that RAGLM is no longer there to be a voice for the community and is now unwilling to hear what the community has to say. One lives outside our actual 'Greater Lake Mathews' boundaries but has been to meetings before. The other is a long time resident that left the meeting feeling like it was not a 'community meeting' but rather a lecture. They both spoke highly of the County Tax Assessor and what a wonderful job he did presenting info. on how our taxes are arrived at and the informative packets the county had put together for the residents. They said their problem was in how the meeting itself was handled and the lack of voice the community was given.

This very much saddened me. It has been a very long time since such negative input from our community has been received via phone and computer about censorship and lack of compassion for the residents of this community.

I am asking RAGLM to lift the censorship and return to the forum it has always had. Open posting to the site and an agenda that allowed the community to hear from government entities (Sheriff, Code and Animal Services), the speaker for that month and then the floor to be opened for input from the community for issues not on the agenda. I know some will try to say I planned or tricked or forced residents into this. Well, I have learned LONG AGO that folks are going to believe what they want to believe. I can only say this would not be true. I was at home, enjoying time with my husband and had not asked anyone to bring or try to bring anything to the floor of the meeting, nor had I planted any seeds to try and cause any direst. But, the fact that I have been here for this community for so many years, that does tell me why they called me. I was asked where Laurie Taylor was and why wasn't she there. I couldn't answer that as I have not talked to her and have no idea why she didn't attend. She has stepped down from RAGLM and so had no responsibility to be there.

There are still so many good people, new and old, on the RAGLM board. I do hope those board members will hear the residents and give them back their voice back, be their voice, as they claim to be. I am very sad to have received these calls. I tried to voice my own concerns to the board last night and I didn't hear back from any of the board members.

I will end with this note, the first call I received ended with a remark about MAC's. They said that if RAGLM wasn't going to be the voice of the community through true communication we might as well have a MAC, because at least the MAC's were required to open the floor to the community at the end. How sad is that! RAGLM board members, I beseech you, PLEASE stop censoring the voice of the community, be the advocates for this rural community, go back to an agenda that allows the meeting floor to be opened to the residents for their input. How can you state you are the voice of the community if you don't allow all of the community to be heard?
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