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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Announcements > Support of a Family in Need for Christmas
12/30/2017 5:59:46 PM
Thank You!Reply: Sandy
Our Family-in-Need was so excited about all the gifts and so appreciative of everything.  They have asked me to tell everyone "THANK YOU" for your generosity!  RAGLM and the family would like to also thank "Sand Haven Pines, Inc." for donating a Christmas tree to the family!
12/19/2017 8:22:49 AM
Family in Need Gift Deadline Reply: Sandy
Just a final reminder to bring your gifts for our Family in Need to our Holiday Potluck tomorrow, Wednesday, December 20, 2017.  
Hope to see you all there.
Thank you all for your generosity!
11/24/2017 9:47:22 AM
Family in Need Gift Deadline ChangeReply: Sandy
The deadline for gifts for our Family in Need is December 20 NOT December 18, 2017!  You can bring your gift to the RAGLM Holiday Party on Wednesday, December 20.  Sorry for the confusion.
11/24/2017 9:41:22 AM
Family in Need Gift ReminderReply: Sandy
 While you out shopping for your Christmas gifts this year, please remember to purchase a gift for our family in need!  Their wishlist is posted here but they would be grateful for anything you buy.  If you don't like shopping, cash donations and gift cards are always welcome.
As the coordinator for the family, I will be collecting all the gifts. Please call me at 951-657-4898 if you have a gift or any questions.  We are also willing to pick them up if you are unable to deliver them.  They can be wrapped or unwrapped but if wrapped, please note who the gift is for.  The deadline for donations is December 18, 2017.  Thank you.
11/9/2017 2:32:13 PM
Support of a Family in Need for ChristmasPost: Sandy
The Board has chosen a family to help for Christmas this year.  Listed below are their ages, sizes and gift suggestions.  Sandy Rytych will be collecting the items for the family so please call her if you have any questions. 
3-year Old Boy:  Size 4 t-shirts, 3T pants, size 9 toddler shoes. Likes all the characters from the "Cars" movie, the "Cars 3" movie, monster trucks, race cars and anything a little boy would like. 
14-year Old Boy:  Men's size large shirts, 30"x32" pants, men's size 10 Nike or Vans shoes.  Needs a new controller for his XBox one and games. Likes anything to do with skateboarding and would like a Play Station 4.
Dad: Men's size 9-1/2 shoes or Diehard work boots, 2XL shirts, 42"x32" pants. Would like a 3XL Dodger jersey, 7-1/4 size fitted blue Dodger hat or anything Dodgers.
Mom:  Size 9 shoes, XL blouses, Size 16 pants.  Would like a camera to take pictures and/or videos of the boys.
Grandmother:  Size 7 women's shoes, large blouses, size 9 pants.  Would like a vacuum.  Loves anything with cows.
This family could use gas and food gift cards or anything else you are willing to give.

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