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RAGLM Board > Animals/Pet Care > TWO ABANDONED PUPPIES need a home
10/4/2013 9:20:48 PM
TWO ABANDONED PUPPIES need a homePost: Paula Vice

This was sent to me so I am forwarding it for everyone, feel free to do the same!



Saturday, 9/28/2013

At Entrance to Park on Idaleona Road


Two tan/brown puppies found: one male/one female. VERY emaciated, dehydrated, ticks, ear and eye infections. These puppies horribly frightened of humans = screamed fought, and bit to complete exhaustion at the slightest contact with human hands. 


They are now recuperating and improving every day.  They have regained nearly all their weight, have been re-hydrated, eyes and ears healed.  They now love being held, bathed, and rocked to sleep. (The rocking chair is their favorite thing.)  They love each other, stick close together, and have stopped hiding. Wednesday morning they began barking, learned to play with toys, and dug their first hole in the ground. They love getting ready for bed…arranging their blankets into little cocoons, cuddling up together in their little carrier, and sleeping all night on full bellies.  They eat a little too fast and keep one paw in their bowl to protect their food (gee…I wonder why.)


The female (Angel) has a pointed nose that suggests some Chihuahua mix (??) and the male (Willie) has a face like a tiny Boxer (??).  They are small right now, but hard to tell how large they will grow.  Age will be estimated tomorrow at vet when they get their first vac's.   


I hope to find a forever home that will love the heck outta these beautiful little children and spoil them rotten…they have earned it.  Since they've just learned to trust humans, easing them slowly into a new home might be better than forcing a full transition upon them.  I can be reached week days at 951-312-6868 and evenings 951/776-0749. 


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