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RAGLM Board > Riverside County Board of Supervisors Hearings > Letter To The Board Of Supervisors/Tues. Oct. 5, agenda item 16.6/Kennel Lic.
10/4/2010 10:41:01 AM
Letter To The Board Of Supervisors/Tues. Oct. 5, agenda item 16.6/Kennel Lic.Post: Cindy Ferry
Board of Supervisors, Riverside County
Agenda item 16.6, Appeal of the Denial of a Class II Kennel License
13703 Cajalco Road
Lake Mathews, CA. 92570
and CUP 3618
Please note that this item is listed as being in the fifth district, rather than district one, the correct location of this kennel and may have therefore been misleading to the public.
One can only wonder how it is that a business could come before this county asking to expand a ten plus year old business, have staff recommend approval of the expansion and see a simple Conditional Use Permit request turn into a business being closed down all together.  One has to wonder how it is that a kennel can come up for renewal, be inspected, be approved, renewal fees paid and deposited by the County of Riverside and then have their license pulled.
One would have to wonder how it is that a business owner in constant communications with the county and with the county knowing the business owners would be out of state that the county would then raid a business during just that time period, leaving the business owners helpless in overseeing the raid, their belongings,  their property, their staff, paperwork and treatment of all of the above.  I find it appalling that the county says it wishes to work with the public and not strong arm businesses or residents into compliance while then raiding both business and residents of these good people while they are out of state.
One has to wonder how this Board of Supervisors can come to community meetings and events and tell the people there that something has to be done to bring more business to Riverside County and then see a business that has no complaints filed against them until their request to expand be raided and put out of business for issues of little or no credibility.
One has to wonder how the county has the time to raid this business but can't raid or otherwise stop ILLEGAL vendors on our county street corners, where they have NO sanitation facilities, no way to wash their hands after we the public have watched them urinate off the side of the road, no proper refrigeration, use the same cutting board for various foods, creating a food cross contamination problem, that steals business from licensed businesses in this county and that doesn't pay any revenue to this county, yet the county finds it more cost productive to protect the public from a kennel, and not real health issues.  These illegal businesses are in CLEAR violation of Federal, State and County laws.  Yet, you go after a kennel.  How does that happen?  How do you justify these actions?
I've followed this case from the start and where this case has gone and what it's become puts Riverside County right up there with Bell City Counsel members.  This is an injustice and makes me ashamed to say I live in Riverside County.  You have charged this business over $30,000.00 and cost them engineering costs of about $20,000.00 and it's come to this?  If the expansion of the kennel was such a bad idea why didn't staff recommend denial of the request?  If it was such a bad kennel with so many egregious violations, why did you allow  it to go on for so long, through so many public hearings, private meetings with county agencies and why did you take their money only to end up closing down their business all together?  I sure hope this was due to the actions of just a few and not the consensus of this Board of Supervisors.  We need to know who caused this and who cost this county and its taxpayers all this money to for this raid and we need to see them removed from employment within our county government.
The kennel has been the Duet's business all their lives.  Mr. Duet is a vet with metals to prove his service to his county and battle wounds that will be with him for life.  Who hasn't served this country and come back a changed person?  Mr. Duet had a dog that helped him with his disability and you gave him 24 hours to get that dog not off his property, but out of the county of Riverside.  On what grounds?  This is the way this county treats vets? 
Shame on you!  Mrs. Duet started this kennel when she was 18 years old.  It's all she's ever known.  So you haven't just closed down a business and put 17 people out of work, you've ended the livelihood and ability to make an income for the Duet's, who are no longer spring chickens.  They have raised their family, been hard working folks and been a positive influence on our community and our society as a whole.  Yet, you've taken away the only thing they have ever done for a living, taken away their way of life, their love and passion.  Taken away their way of paying their expenses and put their staff in the unemployment lines.  Why?  Is this your idea of how you improve business in Riverside County?  Do you think this will make business feel comfortable coming here to start a business?  If the cost of a kennel expansion can cost over $50,000.00 and end up with the business itself being closed, do you really think business is going to come to Riverside County?  Please, I'm here all day, please explain to me how this is in the best interest of the county, the people of this county, business and the Duet's?  Illegal vendors are small potatoes but a kennel, now that's an issue the county has to expend unlimited resources on to protect the residents of Riverside County.  Is it really noisy dogs over real health issues?  Have you recently come up with some really major issue that demanded a raid and closure of this kennel?
We have illegal immigrants standing on our street corners, placing this county and this country at risk and that's not more important then closing down a ten year plus old business!  And here before you is a vet that offered up his very life to protect this country and our rights ... like the right to create your own business, to work it into a business that needs expansion and in return this county stoops to the lowest of levels as to raid his home when they know he's going to be out of state.  Disgraceful!  Shame on you!
I want the reasons for this raid listed to the those at the hearing Tues. and I want to hear where those charges stand at this time and why.  I want to know on what grounds you found it a necessity to hold this raid and to have so many departments present at the time of the raid.  I want you to clarify the real number of dogs on the property that day and not a count of the TOTAL number of dogs to step foot on the property over the course of the day, leaving out the numbers of dogs that left the property that day to offset your totals ... which in my opinion was done to mislead the people and make these folks sound like some danger to society and needing to be stopped right away.  I want to hear how this is the priority of the county and not real health issues.  This is not just a statement in passing.  I want to know what the cost was to the County of Riverside, to the taxpayers of Riverside for that raid.  And I noticed from the fliers Mr. Bartel put out around the community that legal counsel found it necessary to send Mr. Bartel a letter about their raid by overnight mail.  Did the county overnight a letter to the Duet's that their business was now over and done with?  Why the need to overnight mail to Mr. Bartel?  It's a little thing, but to me it sure seems to show some favoritism to Mr. Bartel and when we look at where we are now, it can only call one to question all of this.  The county even pointed out that Mr. Bartel proved with his own tapes that it was he stalking the Duet's and their business.  The county has reports of issues at Mr Bartel's property with code violations, yet we raid the Duet's.
It was your job to address the issues of the Duet's request to expand their kennel and to try and mitigate any issues put before you.  Let's look at those issues and find out how it brought us to this hearing and appeal to get their business back.  There wasn't and still isn't an issue brought before the Planning Department, the Planning Commission or this Board of Supervisors that wasn't able to be mitigated and which the Duet's refused to do.  They have agreed to every condition you have put before them, gotten every study you called for, done all the engineering you called for and have gone over and above any reasonable expectations of trying to resolve any concerns and problems Mr. Bartel has had with this business ... which he himself agrees and admits that he had not filed ANY ... not ONE ... complaint against this business until he received the public hearing notice for the kennel expansion. Yet somehow this bully that had me followed after the Planning Commission Hearing on this case has managed to corrupt and bully this county into raiding homes over protecting public health.  Amazing!!!  What more can one say!
Can we pull up and look at the record of both Mr. Bartel and the Duet's?  I couldn't tell you what we might find on either, but I know the Duet's and I know Mr. Bartel.  Let's look at the citizen records of these folks and see which one is a problem ... if any.  I can tell you after a number of threatening phone calls to my home from Bartel who I see as the real danger to the citizens of Riverside County and I can go as far as to tell you I've already told my friends and family that if anything happens to me I want them to look really, closely at Mr. Bartel.  This man has managed to bring this county to this and the government wants to tell us justice prevails?  I sure don't see how.
The Duet's should be given back their permits and license to conduct business.  Their staff should be asked back to work and taken off our out of work list.  This county should address the issues of mitigation before you for the Duet's request for a CUP to expand their kennel and we should put this shameful matter behind us.  I implore this Board of Supervisors to really look at what is being done here and put a stop to it.  Give the Duet's back the only thing they have done all their lives, show respect for a vet and give their staff back their jobs.  Approve the Duet's appeal and put their request to expand their kennel back on the table so we can continue with the process that was before us, before all of this went so shamefully wrong.
Cindy Ferry
16115 Rocky Bluff Road
Gavilan Hills, CA. 92570
Proud member of: RAGLM.org
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