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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > General Discussion > Supervisor Buster Wrongs RAGLM/Proves Our Point As A Community Group
12/10/2010 8:36:34 AM
Exactly!Reply: KepSter
Cindy, points well made.  I agree.  RAGLM is here to stay, and is getting stronger.  County governement is forgetting who they work for.  It's not just their campaign contributers.  We the people have a right to be heard and respected, and if we are not, we will vote against those representatives, no matter how nice a person they seem to be.
11/23/2010 10:04:00 PM
Supervisor Buster Wrongs RAGLM/Proves Our Point As A Community GroupPost: Cindy Ferry
When Supervisor Bob Buster back-doored the Woodcrest MAC (Municipal Advisory Committee) into our rural community, we (RAGLM) protested.  He gave no notice to the area residents and gave the community no time to react to stop this underhanded move.  When residents of this community and members of the RAGLM board went to the Board of Supervisors hearing to protest his actions, he said that RAGLM wasn't even a recognized group. 
So, what does classify a "GROUP" as recognized?  Is it time served?  Is it being known by the work they do?  Is it by being appointed by the County Board of Supervisors and if you're not, your not a recognized group?  Does the groups name have to appear in the local paper?  Do you have to meet on a regular basis and for a given period of time?  How about nine years of service to the community?  Would that make you a recognized group?  How about a group that puts on a Supervisor Election Debate?  If the running candidates accepted the offer to come debate before the groups members and area residents, would that make you a recognized group?  If the Supervisor invites the groups board members to events and their photos are taken in a group shot, would that make them a recognized group?
All of these things are things RAGLM is and has done.  Check out the link below.  At the very top, watch as the photos flip by.  After the shot of the Woodcrest Library, you'll see a group photo taken at Citrus Park, off Van Buren and Dufferin.  In that photo are a number of RAGLM board members.  What was the event?  It was a support dinner from when Supervisor Buster ran for office/re-election.  Next, look to the center of the page and note the posting of RAGLM's Supervisor debate.  It lists our regular monthly meeting place and tells you to come out and meet him.  RAGLM has put on two (2) debates when Supervisor Buster was up for re-election.  Supervisor Buster has spoken publicly of RAGLM and our on going efforts to protect the rural way of life in this Greater Lake Mathews area.  So, you tell me, what does it take for Supervisor Buster to "RECOGNIZE" a group ... the RAGLM group ... as an official group?  Or is it a case of see us when he wants to or needs to and not see us when he doesn't want to?  I think his own website makes him eat his own words! 
Me, I think Supervisor Buster doesn't want to admit that there is a community group in his district that serves the community, its residents and not the will of the Supervisor.  I think we have been here long enough to prove we aren't going anywhere (coming up on ten [10] years, Feb. 20, 2011), we're not going away, we are a force to deal with and we will be heard.  We don't answer to him, we don't need his okay to speak to the issues and we can speak truthfully and frankly about the actions of this county.  Can a MAC (Municipal Advisory Committee) do that?  No!  Why?  Because they are appointed by their Supervisor, serve at the will of the Supervisor and cannot have a speaker without permission from the Supervisor and cannot speak to any issue without approval of the Supervisor.  Tell me (it's right on the county website/conduct of committee members), which group do you think is going to better listen to the residents/taxpayers?  Which one do you think REALLY serves YOU and not the Supervisor?  Come on Supervisor Buster, it's time to face facts.  It's time to "RECOGNIZE" RAGLM.  You can't be thankful we are here one day and then pretend we don't exist the next.  We are here and we are here to stay!!!  Get used to it!  And he wonders, after all our years of working together, why I would be offended when he says RAGLM isn't even a recognized group.  How does an un-recognized group end up on his re-election website?
Cindy Ferry
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