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RAGLM Board > Announcements > Public hearing on revised Developer Impact Fees 4/22/2014, 9:30 a.m. RCBOS
4/15/2014 4:13:50 PM
DIF Hearing Postponed - Letter from Supervisor Jeffries OfficeReply: Nathan
DIF Public Hearing Postponement Notice.
From 4-22-2014 to June (TBD)

Letter from Supervisor Jeffries office.
4/15/2014 10:52:57 AM
Clarifying the DIFReply: Michelle Randall
Nathan, I would I would appreciate it it you could tell me when the first public DIF hearing was held before the full Board of Supervisors. I attended the 2/11/14 hearing when the  4/22/14 public hearing was scheduled and no other hearing was mentioned. The reason you see such a difference between the DIF for single family residents and the DIF for Commercial is because one is charged per dwelling unit and the other is charged per acre.
Your idealic idea of a community taking care of itself is sweet, but it doesn't take human nature into account.  Here where I live, there is an approved residential specific plan. When it was first planned, they had to put in an application to be in a the water district.  The fee for that is a one-fee-deal, without any consideration for size. For example, One acre =$50,000, 200 acres = $50,000.  The adjoining property, Spanish Hills has chronic water problems so I asked if the developers would consider including Spanish Hill within the boundaries of their application. No water would be sent to Spanish Hills, but being in the district would be done and free for those folks. The catch was that 100% of the property owners in Spanish Hills had to agree to this free deal. Three of those cheapo property owners (whose wells are now dry) refused to sign in fear that they might someday have to pay a standby charge. There's a little irony for you. Let's see you get them to chip in for a library!
4/14/2014 1:41:27 PM
DIFReply: Nathan
        Thank you for your passion and contribution to this issue. I will be honest that I do not know everything about it and will have to dig a little more to get some straight answers as it seems what I have found is not what you have or maybe I am just a little confused. I see your comparison numbers but am not sure how to read them as the table is shifted. As I stated earlier, I am not opposed to lowering fees of any kind to the government. 

I find it a little sad how dependent we have become on Government that we are not happy when they will not take fees from us just to offer services to us. I am one that likes more independence and if we really need a library and the community wants one bad enough, I do not believe we need Government to help with any of it. I realize this is not how most think but quite frankly I can do it by myself and so can all of you. We do not need someone else to mitigate our problems, we should be civil and intelligent enough to figure them out on our own. But I guess we did not get here in 2014 by those standards.

I am not a fan of fees being different for different people. I would ask why commercial pays somewhere around $37K while residents only pay $5K. I know that commercial has a larger impact on the community but it still seems really high to me. If I had to pay $37k as well as the highest taxes in the nation to start my business, I can tell you I would look elsewhere. I would ask again, do we want jobs in Riverside County, do we want to keep our revenue in this County?

I will do some more digging and maybe you too could help clarify in layman's terms for me what the exact issue is. Also, you can always insert a link to any online document. The site upload feature is only for images, sorry.

Thanks for bringing this to all of our attention and please keep the info coming. If this is something that concerns anyone, I would also urge you to attend the coming hearing as it is the final one. They did have a public hearing prior but at this point all that is left is this one.
4/14/2014 1:16:23 PM
Clarification of DIF clarificationReply: Michelle Randall

Please allow me to clarify several things you said. The Board of Supervisors (BOS) will not hold hearings.  There’s only one hearing, held April 22, 2014.  The BOS will vote at that hearing and the new fees will go into effect July 1, 2014. (RCBOS Resolution 2014-052 -2/11/2014) The New DIF fees will be reduced by 40% starting July 1, 2014 and increased by 20% in six month increments (DIF overview 2/11/2014).

Yes, all categories WILL pay fees.  The difference, as I pointed out, is in the manner that the fees are distributed.  You attached a sample of the proposed fees for Mead Valley.  I tried to attach a sample of both the proposed fees and the old fees for comparison, but the attachment failed. The old fees can be referenced at rccob.com under “ordinances”.and you can see that just as I said, Commercial, Industrial, Office, Surface Mining and Winery development will pay NOTHING toward Regional Parks, Trails, Library Construction or Library books and media. This fee distribution is county-wide.  How will that effect us, as taxpayers? In the documents you referenced, look at the summary below from the: County of Riverside Development Impact Fee Study Capital Improvement Plan.


County of Riverside Development Impact Fee Study Capital Improvement Plan

Project                Total Cost         Unincorporate Allocation       Non-Fee Contribution                                     (                           (fee contribution)             (i.e. you and me aka taxes)

Library Construction


 Western Riverside County $ 7,086,000                $ 3 ,306,000                         $  3,780,000

Regional Parks

Eastern Riverside County

Total - Eastern Riverside $ 10,600,000                 $ 9 ,603,000                         $   997,000

Western Riverside County

Total - Western Riverside $ 36,484,500                $ 24,447,000                         $ 12,037,500


Total - Eastern Riverside $ 6,000,000                    $ 5 ,950,000                         $       50,000

Western Riverside County

Total - Western Riverside $ 38,078,500                 $ 5 ,655,000                         $ 32,423,500

Library Books                 $ 1 0,754,000                $ 3 ,496,000                         $  7,258,000

MultiService Centers

Western Riverside Plan Areas

Total - Western Riverside $ 14,350,000                  $ 2 ,175,000                        $ 12,175,000

Grand total     $466,059,500         $54,632,000            $360,532,500


Does this seem just a little disproportionate to you?  Talk about a single homeowner trying to build a house and being drowned in fees. Look at the Mead Valley comparison.  The single homeowner gets to pay for everything, as do any developers of single and multi-resident housing.  Without any contribution from the Billionaire Boys, that will pay not 30%, but 15% of the fees to mitigate the development. Since the Billionaire Boys doing commercial, industrial, etc. get a free ride, there will only be two options; either the County will cut back or they’ll dig into us a little further.

I’m pleased that you are “a firm believer in the General Plan”.  I sat on the General Plan Advisory Board and this fee structure flies in the face of the General Plan’s Healthy Communities and Transportation elements.

4/14/2014 9:55:08 AM
DIF Fee clarificationReply: Nathan
So let me try to clarify things here a little bit before we all get the information incorrect. 

Let me start by saying in my opinion any drop in Government fees or taxes is a good thing. However I do understand the need for such fees and would not want them to disappear completely either.

I just got off the phone with Serena Chow, Principal Management Analyst for the DIF fee project. The way it is going to happen is in a phased approach below.

1. The Supervisors must vote to have the ability to change the fees. This is why they are having public hearings to get feedback from us.
2. Then they will vote to set new fees, this will happen in the future.
3. The developer fees will be at 50% for the first 2 years allowing them the ability to raise them to their newly desired levels.

ALL CATEGORIES WILL STILL PAY FEES. Not any category is exempt, the document that shows the public outreach and potential new structure is simply a sample of how it would work.

PLEASE let us try to get our facts straight before we post information about an issue that simply is not true. It makes my job harder to now have to go and dig to prove or disprove the facts.

I would like to pose a question and ask how many of you have tried to build a new home up here or maybe wanted to start a business and you get drowned in fees? I understand the need for DIF's but if we do not do something about the constant increasing of fees, we may never have any infrastructure in Riverside County. A ton of people in our County clog the 91 freeway everyday to get to work, sometimes spending half their days on the road. I know as I did this for many years. All we have out here is houses. I would think that it would benefit all of us to try and encourage business in our County so we can keep the revenue in our County which would help with a lot of our lack of services issues. It also would help with air pollution keeping more cars off the freeway everyday which means a better quality of life for all.

This is just my opinion but we need to assist people who want to be a part of our communities and not just scare them away. I personally have a real problem when anyone especially my neighbor who tries to tell me what I should do on me personal property or turns me into code enforcement without talking to me first. What happen to our freedom and respect for our fellow man and who is any Government to tell us what we can and can not do in OUR Country. I am a firm believer in the General Plan as we would not know what we are buying without some understanding of our surroundings. So as long as we develop within current zoning and do nothing illegal, I think we should encourage business in Riverside County.

Just my 2.
4/11/2014 11:19:33 PM
Public hearing on revised Developer Impact Fees 4/22/2014, 9:30 a.m. RCBOSPost: Michelle Randall


APRIL 22, 2014 @ 9:30 A.M.

4060 Lemon St, Riverside County Bldg. First Floor, Board of Supervisor’s meeting.

The DIF are fees (NOT TAXES) that are paid by developers to mitigate a portion (about 30%) of the cost of the impacts on the community caused by their development. These fees mean the developers don't just grab the money and run leaving the County (that's you and me folks) to pay the full cost of the infrastructure of their development with our taxes.  Developers who developed in the neediest areas of the county have paid the highest fees because of the need for improved flood, traffic etc. Past DIF was paid by five types of development (single family residence, multi-family residence, commercial, industrial, surface mining) toward ten impacts (police, fire, major traffic, traffic signals, flood, conservation and land bank, parks, trails, library books). Comparing the old and new DIF, however, the “conservation and land bank” category has been replaced with a “library construction” category. That’s fine.  The bigger change, however, is that developers who used to contribute to library books, parks and trails will now be expected to give NOTHING toward those impacts. Only single family and multi-family construction will pay. Not only that, but the per-dwelling unit DIF toward library books has been lowered from about $350.00 per dwelling unit to about $50.00. To top it off, the county has proposed drastically dropping the DIF in the five neediest, most developable areas of the county: Western Coachella = -$2,087, Eastern Coachella =

 -$2,197, Palo Verde Valley= -$2,696, Mead Valley/Good Hope = -$1,706, and Sun City/Menifee Valley = -$1,116.  OH Boy!! Those Billionaire Boys doing solar in the desert and commercial developing along the 215 are going to be turning cartwheels. Just think of it; freeway frontage, railway access, a growing nationwide economy and they get their pockets lined to boot!


Let’s give our Supervisors the benefit of the doubt and presume that they are simply trying to attract development so the neediest areas of the county will have access to jobs. Unfortunately, the logic that commercial, industrial, office, winery or surface mining development shouldn’t pay for community impacts because their workers don’t use those community services won’t fly. Jobs will cause the community to grow.  To be healthy, growing communities need more parks, trails, and libraries stocked with books. Failure to provide those services within the community will send kids into the surrounding communities to entertain themselves. That’s bad news.

Development without adequate community infrastructure is bad development and bad development is an expensive, long term liability for Riverside County. During the rampant Morenodevelopment in the late 1960’s, the tax payers got stuck with paying for the infrastructure for bad development and cheaper housing. Developers profited and left, the gangs moved in. Some of those original gang-ridden neighborhoods still haven’t recovered.


The great irony is that while developers get to pocket the money that would contribute to keeping kids out of jail, they will pay for “Criminal Justice Public Facilities” aka. more jail beds.


PLEASE NOTE: Supervisor Buster provided Mead Valley with a Fire Station, a Library, and a Community Center/Park while he was in office. Using Mead Valley’s good fortune as a reason to lower the Mead Valley DIF by $1,706 is not reasonable. Good Hope and Meadowbrook are still sadly lacking and those areas are not even recognized in the proposed revised DIF. 


See rivcob.com/agendas-and-minutes/ Item 3.4 for the complete proposed revised DIF


Michelle Randall   (951) 277-3583

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