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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Road Issues > The Mid County Parkway & The Corona/Irvine Tunnel-Inland Empire Waterkeeper
7/5/2011 3:57:43 PM
The Mid County Parkway & The Corona/Irvine Tunnel-Inland Empire WaterkeeperPost: Cindy Ferry
NOTE: On our side of the I-15 at Cajalco, this was/is called "The Mid County Parkway" Remember ... that "FREEWAY" we fought to keep out of here. If this Corona/Irvine Freeway Tunnel is allowed to go through, you will be looking at a freeway through our community again. The expansion of Cajalco Rd. has been on the county plans for some 40 plus years ... but even it has undergone some changes not originally planned for this expansion. A four-lane roadway will become a six lane roadway. As it comes through our community, it goes down to four lanes ... BUT WAIT ... THERE'S MORE ... IF YOU ACT NOW you'll take a look at that plan and see that there is a center divider planned and that as well as the equestrian tail, on the side of the freeway are clearly wide enough to turn into two more lanes in the future, making it six lanes through our community and the sensitive habitat in this area. If that equestrian trail isn't used by the residents, the county will put it to use for other forms of transportation. I'm not a horse person, but will the equestrian folks out here really use a trail next to a four lane roadway with traffic moving at 60 to 90 mile per hour? It's set at 50 to 55 now and people fly down it at 75 to 85 now. Two more lanes will bring more speed, more accidents. We need the expansion and it was in the plans for many years, but not a six lane freeway. Really read this article and see what it's really telling you, they can't afford to build this roadway and it's going to cost everyone a very high price once they approve it and start building it. Then, once it's done, the cost to use it will be even higher. If complications do arise, which I expect they will, the cost to build this thing could sky-rocket and making the money back on it could easily become impossible.
Cindy Ferry
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