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RAGLM Board > In The News > Prof offers class help to ‘STUDENTS OF COLOR ONLY’
9/17/2013 10:25:30 AM
RacismReply: BillB
Hugh, it is a fact that racism in America is anything but dead. For liberals (Progressives) is it a religion. Any time they can promote a "person of color" over a white (preferably male) they will. The most blatant racists are Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton. But the quota systems practiced by most of our higher learning institutions are openly discriminating against all qualified applicants not of color by weighing the entrance "standards" in favor of Blacks and Hispanics regardless of their academic capabilities.

Yes folks, racism in America is alive and well.
9/17/2013 10:22:30 AM
In all fairness....Reply: retiredbobby0
Let's use the Professor's quotes; "“I should have been more clear in that any study group is open to all students,” he wrote. “I do like to offer myself as a resource to students (particularly those of color) who may face challenges and become discouraged; goal is to encourage and offer support, so I am troubled to think some students may have thought they were being excluded from a study session because that was not at all the intention.” My opinion is that People of Color still face special challenges and it is a good thing for them to come together and discuss how they each resolved these issues in a positive way. Much like American Indians, Italians, Germans, French, Asian and Others meet to discuss special issues that affect them. 

9/17/2013 7:55:28 AM
Prof offers class help to ‘STUDENTS OF COLOR ONLY’Post: Hugh
How foolish of many of us (myself not included) that thought racism in American would have have made gigantic advancement over the last five years, when, instead it has taken dramatic steps backwards. Why do you think that is? Umm?

Read the story about "color only" help in a college class here:
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