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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > General Discussion > Happy 4th of July!
7/7/2013 9:33:37 AM
Illegal Fireworks and ReportingReply: Nathan
I just wanted to clarify a denial of post on this thread and maybe try to help out here. First, if someone is doing something illegally and you suspect it, please call the Perris Sheriff station non-emergency line 951-776-1099, they are the ones who handle any and all criminal activity. Also, someone posted a potential name and house that was doing it. I did deny this post as this site is not a place to point fingers at our neighbors especially without hard evidence. Those type of things can spin out of control quickly and please understand that this is not the forum for those type of things. PLEASE, contact the sheriff if you feel something is being done illegally and they will look into it. I am sorry for those that have horses and got spooked not everyone thinks of others when acting. I hope other than the issue here everyone had a great Independence Day and, knock on wood we escaped without a fire for now.
7/6/2013 8:27:16 PM
and more fireworksReply: Laurie
There were more of the commercial "Disney" type fireworks set off somewhere near Lake Mathews Drive, likely between Descanso/Onaknoll/Capello, starting after my earlier post about the ones off of Via Liago on the 4th.  Easily visible above my tree line, and very very close.

My horses and my immediate neighbor's horses, all of whom normally ignore most fireworks, were in a frenzy. 

Mine were also upset enough that they were refusing to eat - that's how close/loud/bright these aerial fireworks were.

7/6/2013 7:34:21 PM
fireworksReply: Beverley
As someone that had to evacuate with my 4 horses, dogs and cats in the 2004 fire I am exceedingly concerned with mindless actions that can easily cause us all to be in danger.  I am especially displeased as the owner of one of the horses in question at the Bar H Ranch.  If there is a body to report the behavior to, I would be appreciative.  I would hope people ignorant of what a tinderbox it is up here could become more aware and protective of our community.  Thanks. 
7/6/2013 6:34:35 PM
Fireworks on Via LiagoReply: Jean
There are very few houses on Via Liago.  I live on Via Liago and have no use for fireworks; they drive my pets crazy.  Do you know which house the Disneyland fireworks were coming from?  I would be happy to report them to our association.   
7/5/2013 9:49:56 AM
I appologize.Reply: BillB
Well, I guess I was premature in congratulating the neighborhood. That just proves you can't fix stupid. The people setting off these fireworks are not just stupid and inconsiderate, they are criminally negligent, and should be sentenced to do time on the county fire line. Maybe they feel that since we are forced to pay an extra $150 for fire protection extortion money, they don't have to worry about burning down the neighborhood. We lucked out this year, but it was only by the grace of God that these morons didn't set the place on fire.
7/4/2013 10:06:25 PM
Not So FastReply: lynnesite
It was not silent at the end of Via Liago, west of Gavilan Peak.  For the second year in a row, Disneyland-grade fireworks were fired towards the peak. Last year these neighbors denied doing it.  This year I could see it originated from their place.  Must have been leftovers from last year, because they quickly ran out.  This year they shifted to a level above "safe and sane" and fired them every ten minutes or so.

The boarded horses at the end of the Bar H Ranch freaked out every time, since they're the closest to these neighbors.  I find it wildly inconsiderate as they're just as close to the chaparral as anybody.  And they did NOT live here during the Cerritos fire of 2004, where from west to east over Estelle Mtn was nothing but a solid line of fire.

Thanks, Laurie, for reporting this for me.
7/4/2013 9:20:43 PM
large fireworks Reply: Laurie
Being reported near Gavilan Peak - large aerial type, as well as smaller stuff.

For residents nearby...be aware, and alert!
7/4/2013 9:04:35 PM
fireworksReply: Laurie
Hearing a bit of popping in the west side of the Lake Mathews Estates area.

As the rest have stated, it's been nice and quiet up until now. 
7/4/2013 4:07:22 PM
The 4thReply: JB
I literally just finished reading your post, when I started to hear a few pops.   Yes it has been very quiet up until now.   Hoping all remains safe for everyone!!!
7/4/2013 12:35:24 PM
A great 4thReply: BillB

I just want to applaud everyone in Gavilan Hills and Lake Mathews for refraining from setting off fireworks this year. Usually from the middle of June to the middle of July we hear the incessant bang of firecrackers. Although the Forth is not quite over, I have not heard a single crack in the neighborhood. Keep up the good work, people! We might just yet escape the fire season unscathed.

7/4/2013 9:35:02 AM
Happy 4th of July!Post: Nathan
Just wanted to wish everyone a happy and safe 4th. Please drive safe.
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