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9/8/2013 7:54:34 PM
Rattlesnakes/Reply: sheila
I have lived here since 1965, and this is our worse year yet for rattlesnakes.  We only kill them, and then reluctantly, if they are near the houses or outbuildings.  This year we have killed 15.  My two dogs were bitten last year and this year, but my vet bills were zero because both dogs have rattlesnake shots.  Their faces swelled (all bites were on the face) but not as much as they used to without the shots (when I paid a fortune in vet bills).  If you live up here, the shots are well worth getting. I don't remember the cost, but I think it was below $100.
9/6/2013 1:41:01 PM
RattlesnakesReply: KepSter
I Jim.  I tried to reply directly to your post, but I get a 404 error when I click on the reply link.

I agree with you.  Billyb is fortunate to not have many snakes on his property, but they love mine.  When they are that plentiful and showing up on my sidewalks and doorsteps on a regular basis, its time to thin the heard.  I was happy to see your reply and sorry to hear about all the scary, but interesting encounters.

Even knowing they are in plentiful supply, it is easy to get bitten.  I've lived here 7 years and venture out at night on my sidewalks, and around my yard to enjoy the beautiful splendor of the stars and city lights below almost every night, so I never "expect" to step on a snake, but nevertheless, we do have close encounters quite often.

I'm going to get a backhoe in here and remove some rocks to reduce the places they can hang out that are close to the house.  There are some boulders 50 yards away that won't be getting moved, so there will still remain some risk.

In addition to the 4 rattlesnakes at my house this summer, my next door neighbor as killed one too.  I also had to restrain my dog on a trail in Harford Park.  20 minutes into our hike we encountered a 4 foot rattlesnake there, and he wasn't too docile.  He was pissed and making a lot of noise.

I won't kill all rattlesnakes, and I know we need them, but when they are on my doorstep, they need to go.  80% of the snakes I encounter are rattlesnakes.  We've got plenty of them.

Thanks for your story
9/5/2013 3:13:02 PM
The only Good Rattler is DEAD oneReply: jimb
It's nice that BillB can afford to take such a laizefaire attitude towards rattlers.  My co-worker, whose wife was bitten by one in her San Celmente "edge of develpment" TRACT home's back yard (while hubby was at work) and who spent three days in a coma and ten days in ICU probably is not as accomodating as BillB. 

Neither is my wife who mistook one coiled up in the sun outside our barn for our similar colored cat before taking the snake's head off from ten paces.  That encounter followed the one where she enlisted a neighbor's help to eliminate one that was chasing them on the horse path along the back side of our 2 acres. 

All these encounters follow the one where our Springer, WHILE ON A LEASH in an OC park was nailed in the nose right at the edge of the hiking path near a resting bench on a hillside viewing area.  THAT one was probably woken from slumber by the family with two toddlers that passed by the area ust before we did.  I guess I should be glad our dog got hit instead of one of the toddlers .....

By the time we got him to the 24HR ER vet, he was comatose but did survive after several hundred buck's worth of treatment.

Sorry BillB, but the multiple benefits to the environmnet which you attribute to these pests that acrue from any one rattler that I EVER encounter will just have to be absorbed by other means.

And BTW, KepSter, YOU are very fortuntae to have escaped being nailed by the one you almost stepped on.

Maybe BillB is just luckier than the rest of us.
9/5/2013 11:09:00 AM
SnakesReply: BillB
We have lived her over 25 years, and only had one rattlesnake on over property. I don't kill the snakes; they keep the rats and other vermin away. The Pacific Diamondback is relatively docile (maybe just plain lazy) and would rather get out of your way than bite you. I ride in the area a lot and have seen many snakes of all sorts -- even saw a Sidewinder once (very rarely in this area). Most people wouldn't know a rattlesnake from a tree limb, and they inevitably think every Gopher snake is a rattler. If you have Gopher snakes on your property, as I do, you are not likely to encounter many rattle snakes there. Rattlers are a delicacy for Gopher snakes.

The best advice is to avoid any snake you see; they all will bite if provoked. We have no Mojavie Green rattlers in this area; they have a faster acting and more potent venom than the Pacific Diamondback, and are more aggressive. None of the indigenous snakes can jump. They coil and strike only 2/3 their length. An uncoiled snake has a very limited striking distance. Small children, dogs, goats and other small animals (I have excluded cats since they are essentially Coyote chow around here) are especially vulnerable to snake venom. It is rare that an adult, horse, or large animal will die from a Pacific Diamond back snake bite, but the victim will suffer painfully.

Just keep your eyes open and leave them alone if you see any snake. They are all beneficial to our environment.
9/4/2013 7:07:23 PM
Rattle Snakes and SuchReply: Hugh
Funny. I haven't seen a rattle snake on my property for six or eight years. Haven't seen any snakes for that matter. I think my dogs must have run them off to your place. lol
9/4/2013 5:59:29 PM
RattleSnake TickerPost: KepSter

At my house this summer we have had a total of 6 snake encounters, 4 of which were Rattlesnakes.  One of the RS bit my dog (she recovered, but it was expensive).  RS are a danger to everyone, but especially to children, horses, and dogs.

They are very prevalent and come right up and curl up on my doorstep.  Last night, I went to put the dog away around 10pm.  I was 6 feet from my back door, and standing on the sidewalk.  I called the dog, then turned my head and looked down.  I was practically standing on this little baby snake.  Quick examination revealed it was a baby rattlesnake.  I was in shorts and bare foot.  I was an easy strike for him, and I was lucky it didn't take a nip at me or the dog.

I think it would be cool to have a seasonal rattlesnake counter that we could send updates to.  When approved, the counter would automatically increment.  At minimum, maybe a separate forum area for this type of event? 

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