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RAGLM Board > General Discussion > Shots Fired/Gavilan Plateau/Sat. Night
9/4/2011 7:35:40 PM
Shots Fired/Gavilan Plateau/Sat. NightReply: Cindy Ferry
No word so far but, I will post any update I hear about.
9/4/2011 11:49:51 AM
Shots firedReply: JB
I did hear the shots as well, although I am further from the location than you are and can't offer any information on the who/why of it.   If you DO find out...please update us.  Thanks so much
9/4/2011 11:24:06 AM
Shots Fired/Gavilan Plateau/Sat. NightPost: Cindy Ferry
I stepped out onto my back patio last night around 8:40 p.m. a few minutes later I saw a fire truck heading down what looked to be Santa Rosa Mine Rd. (being dark). I walked out onto our property further to see where it was going and if I could see any smoke anywhere, being I wasn't smelling any. The fire truck turned south onto a roadway that looked to be around the Santa Rose Rancho's area. Just after it turned (8:48 p.m.), I heard six (6) gun shots ring out from that same general direction. Gun shots out here don't set off alarms for me much, it's rural and there is a gun range not far from my place that I hear often. But these came from an area I don't hear gun shots come from. Then I could hear voices but, I couldn't make out what they were saying. It sounded more like maybe a woman's voice. When I lost site of the fire truck, I then heard another shot go off (8:49 p.m.) and could then hear what sounded like a loud-speaker yelling for someone to get down on the ground. This DID send up red flags and I did call 911. They said they would send someone out, but I couldn't tell them exactly where this was all coming from (one of the disadvantages to living in an open area like this). I thought I might get call back from the 911 service telling me the call was answered and maybe what the cause was. I thought maybe an officer would have come to the house to let us know the call was answered and maybe tell me what had happened. Nothing. Does anyone know what went down here last night????
Cindy Ferry
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