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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Announcements > Roadrunner Farms
3/22/2012 12:00:27 AM
Roadrunner FarmsReply: Tori
Produce stand is at 14780 El Sobrante
zip code 92504
His number is 951-905-9372. You might want to call and let him know you are coming.  The stand is by the street with a little dirt road you can pull into by it. If you are going towards La Sierra it will be on your right with hand painted signs.
3/21/2012 4:45:56 PM
Roadrunner FarmsReply: Sandy
Where is the Roadrunner Farm located?  Sounds like my kinda place!
3/21/2012 3:30:07 PM
Roadrunner FarmsPost: Tori
I went to the Roadrunners Farm today. I got some strawberries (they were absolutely delicious, very sweet and yummy) for $3, I  got a 10lb bag of Naval oranges for $4 (I have not tried them yet but they look good) and I got a really big grapefruit for $1, it has a special name but I forgot it. I have not tried it yet but Matthew told me that it is not bitter like regular grapefruit but sweet. There were a few other things too, but that is all I got. Matthew is very knowledgeable and helpful, a very nice man.
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