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3/8/2013 7:11:10 AM
Switching Propane ProvidersReply: Hugh
First, let me say, Thank You, to Tonnette. I feel confident you will find Allstate a good provider with great customer service and a very fair price.

Many folks stay with the same propane company year after year, I was with Pedley for over 16. It just gets comfortable and seems to be a hassle to switch. If you aren't a 'route' customer and "call when low" more times than not it's the same routine, "I'll think about it next time because I need it now." I get it. Did the same darn thing. But finally I made the decision to, "let go" - And, I'm saving money to boot.
3/7/2013 3:01:16 PM
switchingReply: Tonette
We've never had big problems with Pedley, either, except PRICES. I just verified with Allstate their prices, short and long range, and I'm gone! I used your name, Hugh, and everything is in motion. Yayyyyy.
3/7/2013 1:21:08 PM
Pedley Propane 2Reply: Hugh
We used Pedely Propane for 16 years. Finally made the decision to change providers - AllState. Even if the 'low level' service we've experienced with Pedley, which we haven't with AllState, our savings have be in the hundreds of dollars per year. Grab your calculator  - learn something.

Call Pedley, 780-8000, call Allstate, 244-2484 - see which serves your needs best. You can say I asked you to call or you can provide any other referral - the offer will be the same.
3/7/2013 12:56:02 PM
Supporter of AllState PropaneReply: Hugh
If you're with KC Propane or Pedely most likely you're paying too much. I have been so impressed with with new service from AllState. Call them (I just did five minutes ago), talk to the girls in the office. You'll know what I mean immediately. 951-244-2484.  Was quoted $2.49 per gallon for a 100 gallon fill. Tell them I sent you - Hugh Mooney- and you'll get a good new customer discount. Or, don't say anything and just get a better price and great service.
3/7/2013 11:47:18 AM
I agree 100% with BillB.  Their drivers and office employes give great service.
I have been with them for 22 years with never a problem.  Some people like
to talk about how much less they pay or can save per gallon for propane but
never discusss the actual price per gallon they pay.   Steve
3/7/2013 11:14:41 AM
Pedley has been good to us.Reply: BillB
I am sorry for all the stories of people disappointed with Pedley. I have been a customer of theirs for over twenty years, and have had only good experiences dealing with them. Their service people have gone out of their way to help with any gas problems I have had. I have also never run out of propane. When I call, they come right out. My tank is so old it began leaking. They fixed the leak and credited me with 20% worth of propane.

Beware of the initial below-market prices a company gives you for switching unless you plan to be a frequent switcher. Propane is a petroleum product and distributor prices are set by oil companies the same way as gasolene. If they "gift" you an initial low price, it is very likely the difference will be made up later. Every propane company is in business to make money, not hand out gifts.

No, I am not employed by Pedley, nor do I have relatives with or stock in the company. I'm just a guy pleased with their service.

3/7/2013 10:23:30 AM
Pedley Personnel RudeReply: Sandy
Oh, forgot to mention that my husband said one of the ladies that works at Pedley is very nice but the other lady has been rude to him also.
3/7/2013 10:12:41 AM
Pedley Gas PriceReply: Sandy
My husband asked Pedley what their "best" price was for gas and they quoted him $3.19! This was on Friday, March 1st.  Their delivery driver told us awhile back to call and tell them we want a lower price and they lowered it! 
3/7/2013 9:24:00 AM
Rick - PedleyReply: Laurie
Understand exactly where you are coming from.

Email me through the link here (click on my name) and send me an email so that I can contact you directly.  I have some information that might be helpful.
3/7/2013 8:48:57 AM
pedley gasReply: rick
yeah we paid the same price from pedley and when i called them to see why they can't price match or at least come close the lady who works there was very rude as always and called me a liar, that other companys were charging less. i'm so done with pedley, ever since they became amerigas our service is the worst and we pay more than any other gas company out there. then you also have to deal with the rude people who work in that office. maybe if enough of us change companys we can force them out.
3/6/2013 11:37:54 PM
Jean, our last charge was 1.99/galReply: Gayle Geer
We are with Allstate and have been for a long time. Very happy with them and their service.
3/6/2013 11:32:59 PM
:) waiting with bated breathReply: Anne
We await the saga of the free tank removal. I hope you don't get charged, Hugh, but Pedley told me about the $75 fee without knowing anything about the location of the tank - though I read here that there was no charge. Soooo, come Monday, we find out??
I think it odd that Pedley doesn't sell their old tanks, especially since this one was put here in 1984 & my parents & now we have been paying for the rental since then. Their tech said that sometimes they can't use the old ones & trash them. Not an efficient use of funds.
Good Luck! Keep us posted. :)    
3/6/2013 9:29:31 PM
Same price as PedleyReply: MayorShinn
3.30 is what Pedley charged today.
3/6/2013 8:57:26 PM
Jean - propane priceReply: Laurie
Jean, Pedley filled our tank today (rented from them) and billed us at $3.29/gallon.

However, it appears that many of our neighbors are paying in the range of $2.39/gallon from All State and possibly others.  I plan to call Pedley tomorrow to ask if they will match that price.

We are ourselves, looking at making a change in suppliers in the near future.
3/6/2013 4:51:09 PM
Mutual Propane $3.30 a gallonReply: Jean
I pay $3.30 a gallon for propane from Mutual Propane.  Can anyone tell me if this is a reasonable price?  We own our tank.  Their customer service is exceptional.  They always call when they are going to be in the neighborhood to ask if we need a delivery.
3/6/2013 4:38:07 PM
No Fee RemovalReply: Hugh
Pedley has said nothing about charging a fee to pick up their tank. They are scheduled to do so Monday (3/11) morning. The fact that Anne's tank is in a tough location to get to may have something to do with the $75.00 fee. I trust the folks at Pedley about as much as I trust Obama to do the right thing for our country.

My understanding from Anne's post is she got the minimum 100 gallon fill. The savings from Allstate would have been about $90 using the minimum savings. $90 savings vs $75 to remove tank = $15 to the good.
3/6/2013 3:16:16 PM
removal chargeReply: Tonette
So, Hugh, since Anne says she would be charged for the removal of the Pedley tank, does that mean you were charged? (Yes, I do remember you vow not to pay one, but I just want to be sure of things.) I'm down to my last 10% and have to make a decision... Signed, Curious.
3/6/2013 12:53:50 PM
Tank removal $75Reply: Anne
The tank can be filled, but removing it requires moving a 26' trailer we put in when our kids lived with us. We had paid for towing, which is not cheap. No way to move it & move it back without a big expense. Pedley charges $75 for removal of the tank, the regulator & pigtail are theirs. I switched this morning to "Will Call", and got my 100 gallons minimum. We were a route customer, so would have to have it filled. Anyway, we did pay 3.29 per gallon, but don't expect to have to do anything more before we move. We had to get a new gas line, about 60', but got a great deal, relatively speaking, from a local professional I found on the Lake Mathews News online ads. 
3/6/2013 10:52:03 AM
Inaccessible Propane TankReply: Hugh
I switched to AllState Propane about a month ago. Great move. If a tank is not accessible how do you fill it?

Allow me a touch of math: No cost to cancel with Pedley or for them to pick up the tank. Allstate will set new tank at no charge. Propane Cost: Typically Allstate is $0.90 to $1.10 per gallon cheaper. Let's say you only use 400 gallons per year. With Allstate that is a saving of $360.00. Use more than 400? Say 500 gallons - savings then are $450.00 - and that's using the low $0.90 cost difference. 

Leaving "the change to the next owner" might not be the right idea. In today's real estate market and disclosure requirements that could become problematic.

If someone is planning to sell their home and move in the next six months it might be wise to look up some of the statistics regarding how long homes are on the market in this area. Depending on the property, pricing, location etc., it might be necessary to list the property soon. NOTE: This is in no way a solicitation of listing.
3/5/2013 9:53:50 AM
Cheaper not to switch...Reply: Anne
Propane tank is inaccessible to move at this time, so we will have to saty with Pedley. The cost per gallon is less than moving a trailer or extending the gas line. Wish I could buy the tank, but Pedley does not do that. Cheaper that way all around...and because we plan to move before the next winter, we will leave the change to the next owner. Sorry, Pat&Darla! 
3/4/2013 9:26:03 AM
Changing Propane - Reply: Anne
Smelled gas on Friday & called Pedley for fillup, since we were at 20%. They had to come out to check for leaks, & found there was one in our outside line. So they had to shut it off. Called around & found a local family owned business that did not charge us to come out & estimate for a new gas line, and they gave us a good price which is a substantial savings over a larger plumbing company. Will take 2 days because we have to trench under concrete & it's 60 feet to the tank. Will now go with AllState & are giving you the referral. :) A good time to change.
2/3/2013 9:11:09 PM
We switched to All StateReply: Pat
We switched to All State Propane several months ago and we're glad we did.
Pedley Gas was charging us about $.90 to $1.20 more per gallon than we now pay. 
Justin Foote from All State Propane told us that the more folks that switch to All State in Gavilan Hills the more we all save on the price per gallon.
They also will give you some free gas if you refer a neighbor for service.
Justin's cell phone # is 714-403-5105
Pat & Darla

2/1/2013 2:04:35 PM
PropanePost: Linda
We have KC Propane and are very happy with them. We have never had a delivery problem with them. Their # 714-637-1156.
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