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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Announcements > Water Rates Going Up Again Including New Charges
9/23/2013 12:45:30 PM
Recent Water Rate Changes ClarificationReply: Nathan
        I just wanted to update everyone on the recent WMWD rate hike issue. First let me apologize for any confusion, I myself was confused as I read through it and thought it applied to all of us. It turns out it is only applicable to those on Agriculture rates. They are doing away with the ag rates and will make all customers full retail by 2015. The charts and the Readiness To Serve (RTS) charge apparently were only for reference as we have already been charged the RTS this year.

        Either way, I felt obligated to speak on behalf of all residents as well as our ag customers in our area. I was able to get one no vote from director Dennstedt. Not sure if it was because of my words, the fact that it is an election year for her next year or if she honestly would have voted this way anyway. It was strictly symbolic anyway as the rest of the board voted in favor.

I have attached my speech to the board in case anyone wants to see what I said. Sorry for any confusion but do understand that we will see more rate hikes this January and I will keep you all aware of them when they come.

View My Speech Here
9/17/2013 5:46:19 PM
It's a done dealReply: BillB
If you have lost of spare time and spare breath you can waste it protesting at their meeting. WMWD is a pseudo-governmental monopoly. They do whatever they feel like doing, and we pay the price or do without. 
9/17/2013 3:51:42 PM
Water Rates Going Up Again Including New ChargesPost: Nathan
Though the name of this resolution states "Agricultural Water Rates and Charges", they are also raising ours but forgot to include that in the title of this resolution.

Highlighted Version of Resolution 2834

I have highlighted some of the important things so you can brief it quickly.

Page 2: They state a public notice was sent out yet all I have spoken with so far state they never saw anything.

Page 3: Staff recommends only updating rates for 2014-15 as we will all be up for more increases in 2015 at which time they will decide what a fair raise is.

Page 3: MWD Readiness to serve charge "(new to all customers this year)"

Page 4: RTS charge will be implemented immediately.

Page 12: WMWD predicts the Future. Apparently they can predict the future now as they have already prepared a resolution stating they conducted the meeting tomorrow and that they did not receive any opposition. Wow how bold.

Page 18: I am curious what they deem as necessary to exempt them from the CEQA guidelines.

Page 22: New Per Unit Rate charges.

Page 23: New Readiness to Serve charges, find your meter size and new rate.

Page 24: New Meter Testing Fee, they always stated if we feel we are being charged improperly, that they would come out and test our meter for free.

I will be there speaking in opposition, if you have the time to show up, come speak your mind and let them know how you feel.

You can read the whole board packet for tomorrow here if you choose to.
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