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RAGLM Board > General Discussion > Office Cabinet Built-Ins Pre-Made???
12/6/2015 7:03:22 PM
cabinetsReply: PARKLADY
try summit cabinets in corona...
12/6/2015 5:56:13 PM
The Cabinet LadyReply: Gayle Geer
Nathan, I just remembered The Cabinet Lady. We purchased cabinets from her a few years ago. Her prices were very reasonable and we were happy with the service and quality of the cabinets.  Her phone number is 

You can find her in many places via a web search, also. Lots of photos.

I hope this works out for you.
12/6/2015 10:16:34 AM
Ikea and Built-InsReply: Nathan
    Thanks for the idea. I actually looked there as well. Unfortunately they only have the laminated particle board stuff and I am looking for real wood such as Cherry or Alder etc. like in kitchens. This is my frustration while I can find a ton for kitchens and baths they do not seem to make any for office so I may be forced to have them custom made. I do not want to build from scratch or assemble either. Just trying to save a little as I have installed kitchen ones in the past. Thanks again for the thought.
12/5/2015 7:25:55 PM
IKEA ?Reply: Brenda
Nathan - try IKEA. They have just about anything under the sun (and then some). I ordered a catalog so that I could check out what I want without driving all the way there.
12/5/2015 5:55:27 PM
Office Cabinet Built-Ins Pre-Made???Post: Nathan
Maybe this is an odd question but I have been trying to search and can not find what I am looking for. What I want is some nice built-ins for my office. However I want to do it myself and find each piece and put it together as custom cabinets are not feasible right now. Does anyone know if there is a place that sells pre-made assembled OFFICE cabinets? Just like the kitchen ones at Home Depot but Kitchen is obviously higher than desk height. All I can find is Kitchen or Bath. Any ideas or guidance would be helpful. Thanks.
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