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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Alerts > Cajalco Road Resurfacing
4/28/2018 12:45:51 PM
Cajalco Road ResurfacingPost: Sandy
The Riverside County Transportation Department (RCTD) proposes to rehabilitate 2.3 miles of road during the summer of 2018. Cajalco Road is a rural major collector road that travels in the East-West direction between the project boundaries, approx. 650 feet east of Kirkpatrick Road to Harley John Road.  Cajalco Road is currently a two lane facility with road width that varies from 32 – 55 feet. The improvements will also include: Cold Plane AC to a depth of 0.20’
Crack seal any cracks wider than ½ inch
Pave back 0.15’ HMA ¾” mix
Overlay 0.15’ RHMA-G ½” mix
AC dike
Shoulder Backing
Re-apply striping, pavement markers
Remove / Salvage and replace signs
Replace detector loops
Reconstruct over side drains
Repair guardrails
No additional Right of Way nor Temporary Construction Easements will be required to construct the proposed improvement. All improvements are to be done on the same footprint of the existing road.  The road profile will be raised by approximately 0.1’ throughout the project limits.

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