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12/8/2015 10:12:32 AM
CabinetsReply: cinder465
THANK YOU for posting information on your friend Rick..I have more work to be done. I also want to comment on Closet World or any of the Closet Specialists...I used Closets by Design. They DO utilize every inch of space and do GREAT work an even the veneer looks awesome...but they are PRICEY beyond words. Will say they have "specials" at 10/20/30% off but, in fact are so marked up that you end up paying a fortune anyway. i am super happy with my closet but don't know WHEN I will finish paying it off....:)  

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12/7/2015 6:27:54 PM
CabinetsReply: retiredtga
Hi, I have a good friend who does beautiful work and is local and works out of his home shop.  His name is Rick and his number is 949 412 4157.  He is out of town until Friday but if interested you could call and set up an appointment for when he gets back.  Hope this works out for you.  I would also think to call Closet World ( however have not used them).

Sharon Atkinson
12/7/2015 6:13:40 PM
Cabinets - to cinder 465Reply: Gayle Geer
Thank you for the information!  It's been several years since we purchased our cabinets (we bought 4 pantry cabinets) and it was a closeout deal. We plan to upgrade our cabinets within the next year, so it's good to know about The Cabinet Lady being very high in her estimates.  We don't have extra money laying around for that.  (c;  Thanks, again. Gayle
12/7/2015 11:13:42 AM
Renovate of UpdateReply: Hugh
The decision on cabinets for the kitchen depends if you are totally renovating it or just upgrading its appearance. If only upgrading the look then new, quality finish cabinet doors can do the trick. But, if you're ripping everything out then that is a totally different story.

Today's pre-fab cabinets have no resemblance to those of yesteryear. They can be designed to near-custom specifications to fit almost any unique situations - like multiple-hinged double doors for a corner access.

My wife and I spent close to $30k six years ago having our kitchen totally renovated. Tore out everything including the ceiling, counters, cabinets, the works. Added new near-custom pre-fab cabinets everywhere, new ceiling and lighting, custom granite counter tops, tile backsplash, double sink, stove and oven, dishwasher, microwave and double door refrigerator all in stainless steel. We spent two months on choosing a contractor.
12/7/2015 10:33:38 AM
Nothing Better Than Due DiligenceReply: Hugh
The difference final look between pre-fab, which are not always veneer, and custom cabinets can be a very fine line. Suppliers of pre-fab can provide a great looking product at a reasonable price and many times not much difference in appearance than the 'custom' jobs. However, if you own a "totally custom home" you're not going the inexpensive route. Custom, top quality all the way. 

But then, if you have a nice house of average to good-high quality dropping the money for 'custom' cabinets might not be the way to go. Cost vs resale value just doesn't work out. 

It's all about working the numbers. Research of contractors, checking referrals. Even trying something like www.Angieslist.com can provide great insight.
12/7/2015 9:20:59 AM
CabinetsPost: cinder465
I don't want to be a fly in the ointment but I got an estimate from the cabinet lady a few weeks ago and it was SUPER SUPER high....I hear she does nice work but is not inexpensive by any means. Summit Cabinets, from what they told me over the phone for the same estimate..I too was doing office cabinets..said everything they have is prefab and veneer. I ended up having mine custom made and won't even tell you who did them because I am very unhappy with them too. It is so hard to get a good contractor. I wish you luck/
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