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RAGLM Board > Road Issues > Pros & Cons of the Mid County Parkway/2 Yr. Old Article
12/19/2010 3:06:49 PM
Pros & Cons of the Mid County Parkway/2 Yr. Old ArticlePost: Cindy Ferry

A resident sent me this link (at the bottom of my post).  It's almost two years old, but it is still good to keep this issue in your head.  There are still those that want to try and put this option back on the table.  Many think it will stop the expansion of Cajalco.  It will not.  The Expansion on Cajalco is a County Transportation issue.  The Mid County Parkway is a Federal/State and County Transportation issue.  The county has been looking at expansion of Cajalco for some 40 years.


Do I think the community needs to be an active part of the planning and overseeing the plans?  I sure do!  I don't see how the residents of this Greater Lake Mathews Community can afford not to pay attention to this issue and be an active part of it. 


Bringing those lanes up a 4% grade to the Gavilan Plateau was an even more ridiculous idea then their plan to put it in along Cajalco.  But, now we have to make sure we keep an eye on the plans for Cajalco.


When it comes to the expansion of Cajalco, we oversee that and speak at the hearings.  This is county money and doesn't have the same pull and push as the Federal and State hold over us would have.  Now we are talking County Funds, which allows us much more say over how this project is done.


Sure, there are more homes coming from within the Greater Lake Mathews Community itself, but the expansion is about addressing and handling traffic from outside the Greater Lake Mathews Community.  The answer is to bring jobs to Riverside County that keep these folks living and working in the Riverside area, off "FREEWAYS" for as many hours a day as they spend at their job and bringing revenue to Riverside County.   The county needs to STOP discounting fees and making agreements with developers and start discounting fees and making deals with businesses.  The Counties "General Plan" needs to start planning where it is appropriate for business to go and which types of businesses go where.  The county needs to bring the business folks/owners to the table, butter them up and welcome them to Riverside County.  Riverside needs to make Riverside self-supporting, self-sustaining.   Let's focus on Jobs. 


Let's stay united as a community and address our needs.  Let's oversee what and how the county plans to do things.  Let’s spend money bringing jobs here, not on spending money for roadways that take us to jobs so far away from home.


Click here: Pros & Cons of the Mid County Parkway


Cindy Ferry
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