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RAGLM Board > Community Events > Free Spay and Neuter for Riverside County residents!!!
8/5/2013 5:27:03 PM
Free Spay and Neuter for Riverside County residents!!! Reply: Mariana Cartwright
I googled it and here is the link to the article with the info:
Here is the basic content:The easiest way to book an appointment is through Animal Services’ Web site, www.rcdas.org, or by calling the clinic at 951-791-3720. A direct link to an online appointment form for the San Jacinto clinic is: 


The clinic is open Mondays and Tuesdays 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus is located at 581 S. Grand Ave., San Jacinto, 92582. The county clinic is not affiliated with the Ramona Humane Society. 

The county is offering a social-media incentive too. Anyone who “Likes” the county’s new Facebook page for the San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus – simply found by searching for “San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus” – will get a free microchip. Please let clinic staff know you have liked the Facebook page and they will confirm the information to provide your pet with a free microchip. 

8/5/2013 4:31:33 PM
Free Spay Neuter Detail Needed?Reply: Nathan
        Thank you for letting us all know about this. I have had a few inquiries yet am not sure how to answer this as I can not seem to find info on it. Can you post some info on how to get this done, where and when it is happening etc.? Thanks.
8/2/2013 7:44:29 AM
Free Spay and Neuter for Riverside County residents!!!Post: Michelle Randall
According to the Lake Elsinore Patch, Riverside County has a grant to offer free spay and neuter to all Riverside County residents through the summer months. SIGN UP FOR THIS FAST!!!  My experience has been that these grant monies get used up and are done.  Not only that, but "summer months" as a time is not defined and summer as we know it is almost gone. 
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