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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > General Discussion > Water rates going up - again!
12/9/2011 8:47:33 PM
Water RatesReply: Sandy
Our water bill for August was $328 - over $100 was pumping charges! My grass is almost dead, my plants are dying because they are not getting enough water and now they are raising the rates! Next step is just let our grass die which will make the water company happy.  They called my grass "non-productive" and told me to plant drought resistant plants instead.  Has anyone had recent quotes on putting in a well?  We are thinking about putting one in but not sure about the cost.
12/5/2011 12:14:24 PM
my water billReply: ComputerTech
I pay over $70 per month even if I don't use any water. This includes the sewer fee that is over $50. If water rates continue to rise and water is no longer affordable, how is this in agreement with the Constitution? Water is needed for life. Water is needed to grow food. Water is needed for sanitation.
12/4/2011 7:00:26 AM
Water rates going up - again!Post: Laurie
Who else got a notice from Western Municipal Water about the water rate increases slated to go into affect on January 1?

Each tier has an increase - and tier 5 will rise again next Oct 1.

Pumping charges, system charges and water reliability charges are all increasing as well.

So-called "pass through" costs - but they certainly didn't "pass through" the savings when Metropolitan discounted water by $100 per acre foot.

There is no reference to accepting any public input, or holding any public hearing on the increases.

I really think it's time that Western starts to deny water meters for new development.

(Not to mention that Metropolitan just got (or is getting very shortly) the "Metropolitan Water Debt Service fee" and the "standby" charges, attached to our property taxes).

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