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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Services Wanted > House Cleaners needed for one time whole house cleaning
3/10/2014 11:55:23 AM
CleaningReply: Anne
Thanks, Brenda! I have someone else who may work, as I asked around. Depends on timing. I really appreciate it & I'll be sure sure to mention your name. :) :) Good to have a recommendation!
3/10/2014 10:26:38 AM
house cleanerReply: Brenda
Anne - I have an excellent house cleaner.  In fact, I found her name in response to another post about 6 months or so ago.  Her name is Bertha, (951) 941.7974.  She comes in with a team and they get right to work.  If you give her a call, tell her Brenda Hurley recommended her to you.
3/9/2014 6:23:51 PM
House Cleaners needed for one time whole house cleaningPost: Anne
Looking for reliable, honest house cleaner recommendations. No windows required, but need a good cleaning in prep for home sale. Will call them with the details. Thanks.
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