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RAGLM Board > For Sale > Courbette brand saddle seat (cutback) saddle
11/30/2010 10:52:24 PM
Courbette brand saddle seat (cutback) saddlePost: Laurie
19" equitation seat, rare "london tan" in color (light oil). Perfect for a junior rider or a petite adult.

Older, good quality saddle with very little use; I "outgrew" (I am not petite) it and have now, finally given up on "growing" back into it.  It has been stored indoors on a saddle rack. Good condition overall. Periodically cleaned and conditioned, but is due for conditioning. A few scratches from being moved around over the years, but it is still suitable for schooling as well as smaller shows. Suitable for Arabians, Morgans, Saddlebreds. Might fit a broader Tennessee Walking Horse as well.

This saddle could be dyed to a medium or dark oil leather, or black, of course.

New, this saddle retailed at $975+ (this was 15+ years ago).  Asking $325.

Photos are available on request.

This saddle does not include leathers, irons, or girth so that the purchaser can add those items sized correctly to fit the horse and rider.

However, leathers and irons could potentially be available, separately.

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