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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Road Issues > Addressing Pedestrian Safety/Thurs., June 16- 5:30 p.m./UCR Ext Bldg.
6/13/2011 12:21:08 PM
Addressing Pedestrian Safety/Thurs., June 16- 5:30 p.m./UCR Ext Bldg.Post: Cindy Ferry
Cross posting for those interested:
My personal concern with this is, are they going to look at creating mandatory sidewalk regulations that impede into the rural communities? Rules that rural communities will not be able to have removed in their areas ... as we can do now? Smaller, less crowded communities would seem to be the better answer, to me. Less people, less accidents! I'm not for more rules, more regulations. At the General Plan Advisory meetings we talked about the bike lanes and how to address that need and the accident issues with bikers in these bike lanes. The committee had last decided to expand the lanes to more comfortably accommodate two bicyclists or one electric car/golf cart. I know some areas are now going with the flashing cross walk signals, like those found at Dos Lagos. When a pedestrian steps into the wheelchair ramp area of the crosswalk intersection, it triggers the flashing lights (flashing across the roadway), indicating to drivers that a pedestrian is about to or is in the crosswalk. I don't mind those, as they only flash when someone is actually in the crosswalk area. It's FAR better then the flashing "Pedestrian Crosswalk" sign they wanted to put up on the Gavilan Plateau for the Watt Project Development, that flashes 24/7. I saw that as no different than the Golden Aches of McDonnald's! If their proposal is for metered crosswalk signals, I think I could support that. I just don't want to see crazy, city type needs invade the rural community.
Cindy Ferry
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