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RAGLM Board > General Discussion > No More Electric Fences
5/25/2011 11:56:48 AM
electric fencesReply: rick
yes i ran into the same problem a few months ago but i found that most of the feed stores carries everything you would need plus some. i went to the one in woodcrest and they had everything.
5/24/2011 1:59:48 PM
No More Electric FencesPost: Nathan
I thought I had heard it all until this one. Apparently electric fencing is becoming harder to find in California. Like all good things, their is always someone who thinks they know better than you without looking at the alternative. I went to Home Depot to buy some electric fencing for my garden, after trying Lowes as well and not finding anything, I asked why they no longer carry it. I was told that it was inhuman. WWWWWHHHHHHAAAAATTTTT? So let me get this straight, it is inhumane to give them the famous nudge shock but since I can not use that them I am forced to either poison or shoot them. This is my food, I pay for it and work hard to feed my family and quite frankly it is insulting to think that someone thinks that rodents are higher up the food chain than me. Well I guess I will just have to keep poisoning and shooting them. Silly me for thinking otherwise. You can still find electric fencing at ACE but I would suggest getting it soon as they will soon ban it too as we do not want to hurt the poor disease ridden rodents.
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